Spark Plug? Embedded in Rock?

Posted by Chris Parker | May 24, 2005 9

This item no doubt really is a “modern day” spark plug with charateristics similar to that of the “Coso Artifact”. The question is; if this really is a spark plug–and it really is embedded in rock–how long does it really take for rock to form? Millions of years as the materialists claim–or far less than that, as creationists claim?

In this case, it would seem that the answer is less than 200 years!

“I listened with much interest to your Jonathan Gray interview the other night about ancient civilizations and anomalies found around the world. He mentioned finding an ancient spark plug in his excavations, which reminded me of the object I found washed up on a beach in Delaware several years ago.

It looks like a spark plug embedded in a melted chunk of rock. The top part of the object is protruding from the rock and appears to be milk glass with a pointed metal cap which has a hole in the point.

The metal is not rusted on the top, even though the object was in the ocean. I found a photograph of a model T spark plug (which I have included below)…as you can see, the object is similar but the top is definitely NOT the same as the object I found.

–Lynda F. Source: Coast to Coast

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  • This “rock” around the spark plug is made of a combination of mud and rust. Once this combination hardens in the sun it becomes almost as hard as some rocks and water wouldn’t wash it off. Hope this helps solve the “mystery.”

  • Joe Dotson

    IS this the same rock with an artifact like a Spark Plug that was shown on the TV Series “In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy?

  • I also watched that episode Of “In Search Of”. That show origionally came out in The 70’s

  • Christian philospher

    Probably a sparkplug from the Pre-Noah or the first generation of people. Adam and Even were both created perfect. Both ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Adam lived for 930 years. Imagine having a race of people smarter than Einstein living that long and having 1600 years to develop. Civilization back then could have been much more advanced than ours today.

  • Jason

    I presume Christian philosopher is joking, or is an ironic persona adopted by an atheist to mock the afflicted. Otherwise I shall have to reallocate people I previously considered cranks to the “moderates” category.

  • stu

    Being a mechanic, myself, I would expect the various spark plug manufacturers to have historical design data available to make a cross reference. There are also people who collect such things, and they might be able to offer a more informed opinion of the artefact. Even if it turns out to be unremarkable in the end, there are many other ooparts discovered in coal beds, etc. which still remain unexplained.

  • Administrator


    I would say tht even if it is a common spark plug, it is still anomalous in that it is embedded in a rock. In other words, intiially embedded in something soft, it has now hardened into a form of rock that science claims should have taken millions of years to form aoround it.

  • Yosemite1967


    If, by “science claims…”, you mean “some scientists claim…”, I agree with you, but if not, I would submit that there is likely quite a lot of scientists who would be open to the idea that this rock-hard deposit formed in only decades, especially with iron oxide involved.

  • philip

    Rust is a marvelous thing when it is embedded in sand or sandy soil it will solidify around metal substances in a short time. 20 years or so. soil that has a high clay content seems to have a reverse effect buried a few inches or so.

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