Chile – The Creature Of the Tagua Tagua Lagoon

Posted by Chris Parker | June 17, 2005 1

The legend of this creature is little known, even for residents of San Vicente in the country’s 6th region, but this discovery returns a piece of their history to them.

The horrible creature in the etching that accompanies this article is the little-known Monster of Tagua Tagua lagoon, a legendary creature that not even the residents of San Vicente, in Chile’s 6th region, have ever heard of.

The indescribably horrifying creature was relegated to oblivion for over 2 centuries until two Spanish researchers discovered the drawing among thousands of documents in the Madrid National Library. Thus, the anonymous etching made in Chile in 1784 became the poster for the exposition “Monsters and Other Imaginary Beings” that took place in the Spanish capital to great popular acclaim.

The winged, two-tailed figure with scales and a human face had a well-deserved presence among nearly 200 images, just as unreal, belonging to such artists as Goya, Durero, Ribera, Brueghel, Holbein, Picart and Kircher. Plates extracted from classics of literature and scientific texts–largely from the 15th and 18th centuries, were also on exhibit.

Under the drawing of the monster, a true bibliographic jewel, it can be read that it appeared in early 1784 at the farm of Don Próspero Elso and that “it did great damage, eating all manner of animals and drinking from the lagoon, until 100 men stealthily ambushed it with firearms and caught it alive.”

The description is very detailed: “It measures three and a half rods long (54 feet) and its tail is bigger than its body. It legs are nearly a quarter [rod] but its claws are much larger. Its mane reaches the ground so that it entangles around its feet. The upper tail…helps it to catch its prey. The teeth are some 30 cm long and the mouth is as wide as its face. Its horns are a rod and a half long and very well-turned, and finally, it ears are are three quarters of a rod long.

Even more curious: an address — Calle de Carretas No.8 — is given for those interested in seeing it. … Scott Corrales,

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  • Pablo

    I’ve lived there for almos 40 years and I’ve never heard about this monster. It is not even a sort of legend! Weird!!!

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