What’s Wrong With Science; Interview With Virginia Steen-McIntyre

Posted by Chris Parker | June 24, 2005 1

Virginia Steen-McIntyre was a young archaeologist several decades ago who made the mistake of reporting evidence that did not fit the current evolutionary paradigm. Here at s8int.com, we have problems with both the dates she came up with as well as those accepted by the materialists at the time.

The point is; people and evidence that does not fit the paradigm are not accepted are reported. Disident voices are extinguished.

“In 1973, when we first announced the results of our new excavations and the fission track dates, I was sitting pretty.

I had the beginnings of an international reputation because of my basic research on volcanic ash layers, a wide correspondence with my peers, a part-time job in a government laboratory that I assumed would lead to better things, and later, an adjunct professorship in the anthropology department of a state university.

Today, all that is gone. My last job was as a gardener, caring for flower-beds in a local nursing home a few hours a week.”

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