“Ancient” Tiled Floor Declared Nature-Not Nurture. You sure?

Posted by Chris Parker | August 16, 2005 8

It began in 1937, when rancher Tom Kenney decided to build an outhouse and started digging into the soft earth of Battlement Mesa. Kenney changed goals when he struck an impermeable layer of rock, which, on closer inspection, looked like a tiled floor buried under 10 feet of boulders and clay. Instead of an outhouse, Kenney decided he would have a tiled root cellar.

His curiosity aroused, though, Kenney summoned some Grand Valley experts to look at his tiled floor. A delegation examined the floor and decided, according to The Daily Sentinel of May 3, 1937, that there was “not the slightest doubt but that the work is of some prehistoric civilization.”

So compelling was the floor that Denver archaeologists went to visit. They concluded the tiles were laid somewhere between 25,000 and 80,000 years earlier.

To learn more, the Denver archaeologists approached the Archaeological Society of London, which sent an Egyptologist, who pronounced the floor a geological phenomenon.

And there, for the next seven decades, the matter stood, with adherents on both sides, until the Western Investigations Team took on the mystery.

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  • richard garyson

    Oh, Please! You don’t have to be a PhD to be able to recognize when looking at this photo that this was made and not a freak of nature.

  • This is the same thing that happens to people of Christianity, when their faith is tested they review the scriptures, when science is tested, they say its nature. Faith is Faith! Science is a joke now!

  • Jean Morris

    There is no conflict between faith, scripture, and science because they all come from the same place – the Creator. The only conflict that exists is due to our INTERPRETATION of faith, scripture and/or science! Let’s give our Father the respect and glory He deserves.

  • pixelsword

    There is no mystery if you search the scriptures. Ancient buildings and facts are found all over because they hail from pre-flood humans that were of no race, and the genetic makeup of these people supercedes our own since we branch all current races from one couple, the second Adam, whch is Noah.

  • The floor looks clearly man made, with the direction of the cracks. All lined up.

    I think that your scriptures are the same as other myths and recollection. They are fairly literal. and all the images are understable under the scientifice theory of Plasma cosmology.

    It bridges the gap. You should examine it.

  • Jeryl

    First of all, Christ, not Noah is the Second Adam (all due respect to Noah, however). Second, are they trying to tell us that a level area made up of inlaid tiles is natural? Hogwash! Of course, what else can you expect from secular humanists. As for the one who called the Scriptures “myths,” well, all I can say is that he will realize the truth someday. Hopefully it will not be when he stands before the White Throne of Judgment.

  • Cary Charles

    Religion aside, Dig the rest of the site up Damn it ! You what to prove something go all the way until you’re prooven wrong or right. It is obvious & not the only incident like this in N. America. Where exactly is this & I’ll go & dig it myself.

  • Brian Carver

    I think that this tiled floor is a remnant of a civilization that existed on this continent during the Ice Age. There were large and devestating floods after the Ice Age, especially in North America. As well as horrible volcanic eruptions. Entire Genera of large Mammals were wiped off the face of the planet. I see no reason why some ancient civilization or even more than one, existed here and was completely wiped out. Even if this site were dug all you may find is just the edges of this tiled floor. The rest of the buildings and surrounding foundation just wiped clean.
    The main problem with all of this is that the scientific community utterly refuses to truly research this topic. There are many more finds that could be examined, and the surrounding area dug.

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