Cute Little Bloodsucking Chupacabra?

Posted by Chris Parker | August 26, 2005 1

Okay, once again its going to come back after investigation that this blue, hairless, ratfaced dog with hind legs significantly longer than the front legs is just a mangy fox but do any canines have back legs significantly longer than the front ones?…..

“A Texas farmer may have found what some would call a “chupacabra,” a legendary animal known for sucking the blood out of goats.

Reggie Lagow set a trap last week after a number of his chickens and turkeys were killed.

What he found in his trap was a mix between a hairless dog, a rat and a kangaroo The mystery animal has been sent to Texas Parks and Wildlife in hopes of determining what it is. ”

Source: Click2Houston

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  • What’s a terrible!!! What will happen if it becomes to popular, appears everywhere and attacks everything it meet?!! Many people and animals will be killed, become to bodys without blood! “Vampire”, we can call it!

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