Fossillized Hands in Stone: 100 to 200 Million Years Old?

Posted by Chris Parker | October 18, 2005 0

Several years ago Dr. Jamie Gutierrez from Columbia discovered the fossilized bones of two human hands imbedded in Cretaceous rock.

Near the discovery site of the fossilized hands are the fossilized bones of a large Ichthyosaurus marine dinosaur, giving the assignment of late Cretaceous period (on the evolutionary scale) to the rock. CreationLecture

Evolution Trap: Fossils That Must Not Exist

“The recent discovery of strange artefacts was made in Columbia. Prof. Jaime Gutierrez, a professor and industry designer at the University of Bogotá found these fossillized hands.

They clearly show the evidence of the segments of the bones of the f ngers. They are merged with the stone.

Together with those hands also fossils and relics of dinosaurs have been found. All of them have been in a geological stratum that is (thought by science to be) between 100 and 130 million years old.

But according to science and Darwin’s theory of evolution it is absolutely impossible that men lived together with dinosaurs. But how could such petrifaction of human hands come about? “ Unsolved Mysteries

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