Flying “Humanoids” Videotaped & Photographed Over Phoenix and Mexico

Posted by Chris Parker | October 19, 2005 3

We do have that theory about pterosaurs–so that’s why we’re carrying this story…

“Just when I thought I was going to take a break from skywatching I saw something unusual in the sky while watering the plants in my backyard this morning.

Almost directly above my head and a little West of me was this dark blood-red object barely moving to the North. I grabbed the binoculars and immediately noticed the object was definitely not balloons.

Without the binoculars the object looked red but when looking through the binoculars the object had a golden-yellowish top (head?) and a black jet pack looking thing on the left side along with two leg-like appendages hanging down with round “shoes.”

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  • Stu Wieneke

    I saw something very similar to this in the air over Phoenix in the vicinity of Deer Valley airport 10-24-05 around 4:30PM. It was silent, and was definitely not a balloon or a bag caught in an updraft – I’ve seen plenty of those. It just sort of hung in the air at a steady altitude for a few minutes, and slowly worked it’s way east over the horizon. Several airplanes must have seen it as well as they landed at the airport. Some sort of UAV perhaps?

  • Administrator

    So Stu,

    it appeared to yoy to be a man in some type of suit or vehicle?

  • stu

    I can’t really say what it was, although it appeared very similar to the Phoenix picture posted here and seemed to be roughly the size of a man as far as I could tell. What drew my attention to it was the way that it simply hung in the air, then traced a slow arc and drifted to the east until it disappeared beyond the horizon. It appeared to be under intelligent control, and definitely not bobbing about in a rising thermal – and there was no wind that day.

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