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Posted by Chris Parker | October 26, 2005 0

You may wonder why a Christian site would spend any time on” Mothman”, Owlman, thunderbirds etc. If so, you may not want to waste any time looking at these.

The reason, we do however, is that unlike what is taught in “science”, we believe that as explained in Genesis, that all terrestrial animals were contemporaries both of each other and of man. Of course many animals who once lived are now extinct, but we would not be “surprised” if any animal taught by science to have become extinct millions of years ago either turned up or was found to have lived within the last several hundred years.

That being the case, we suppose that a living pterosaur or pterodactyl could be the cause of quite a number of these sightings. Sure some are just plain made up, some are exaggerations of the size of” conventional” animals etc. , some the products of too much garlic in the pizza and sleepwalking.

But, again the pterosaur is an animal who’s name is frequently invoked after one of these sightings. We don’t know in which of the above categories these two sightings belong, but if accuarate they would tend lend some possible support to our pterosaur theory.

These are not offered as proof, but simply for examination by the curious.

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