Ancient Syrian Duck Billed Dinosaur Lamp?

Posted by Chris Parker | October 25, 2006 0


Duck-Billed dinosaurs are said to have been the most common dinosaur type. Having seen thousands of current drawings representing various types of duck-bills, we’re confident that this ancient Syrian artifact represents one of those animals.

Rarely are these animals depicted with horns or beards as the ancient artist has done here, (he/she actually knows what the animal looked like). If one looks closely at the mouth (duck bill), jawline, eyes and head shape, compared to examples we’ve provided of certain duck billed dinosaurs, it seems clear what this artifact represents.

How would an ancient artist sculpt an accurate depiction of a duck billed dinosaur, hundreds of years before dinosaurs were “discovered” if he hadn’t seen one alive? Make up your own mind if the artist sculpted a mythological creature–or a living animal. The information presented below has an evolutionary prespective that we don’t agree with.


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