Pre-Incan Pterosaur Representation?/
Pre Hispanic Goat or Ceratopsian?….

Posted by Chris Parker | November 8, 2006 0

Here at we certainly think its reasonable to accept the label; pelican, as given by the experts re the birdlike artifact below, a Mochica culture (200 B.C. to 800 A.D.)vessel.

However, while some pelicans and some pterosaurs had similar heads, the fact that pelicans were feathered and tended to have long necks argues for an identification of pterosaur.

Additionally, the teeth and hindskull also suggest a pterosaur rather then a pelican. One thing is certain, the experts would never have considered the pterosaur, thought to have been extinct millions of years prior to the Mochica culture’s appearance as a viable alternative identification.

What do you think?

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