Neanderthal DNA “Almost” Identical to Humans ..[Oops!]…

Posted by Chris Parker | November 17, 2006 0

Daily Mail comment: “A few weeks ago South African scientists reported finding a supposedly 360 million year old fossil lamprey. The problem for evolutionary theory is; the fossil lamprey is virtually identical to “present day” lampreys.

 Just in case some of those pesky creationists were around to ask embarrasing questions, the scientists noted that though the fossil had surprisingly not evolved much, it appeared that the lampreys had “gotten slightly longer”!

What kind of scientist would make such an assumption based on one specimen? An evolutionary scientist who needs to show something for 360 million years of work, that’s who.

That brings us to the subject of this article, “Neanderthal man”. The more we learn about Neanderthal, the less primitive he becomes. Recent scientific articles have admitted that modern man and Neanderthal met, interacted and even interbred. A recent article suggests that Europeans could be 5% Neanderthal

On the other hand, many ruling paradigm scientists are still insisting that Neaderthals couldn’t speak and that there certainly was no interbreeding. So, what would happen if scientists were able to isolate Neanderthal DNA, as they have recently actually done with material found in a Croation cave?

Neanderthal DNA is 99.9% identical to “human” DNA! Blockbuster! All over the news, right? 99.9% identical is certainly startling, all right but its not 100% identical, seemingly preserving something for evolutionary scientists to hang their hats on. Like saying it looks like lamphreys got slightly longer over 360 million years.

What they don’t give you is the following fact as quoted from a lecture by Eric Lanser, Ph D; (easily verified elsewhere) “Any two humans on earth are 99.9 percent identical in their DNA sequences”.

This kind of puts the data on Neanderthal DNA in a whole new light; their DNA differs from ours exactly as our differs from each other! Neanderthal is/was exactly as different from you as your next door neighbor is, only he/she is not typically depicted hunched over wearing animal skins and carrying a spear.

Given the fact that DNA sequencing shows that “modern humans” and Neanderthal are “identical”, the article below really makes no sense, continuing the fiction that the populations remained separate and that we (modern humans) won (in evolutionary terms) and that they lost. Turns out that we’re a little shorter, maybe.”

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