The Ancients Knew of the Global Flood

Posted by Chris Parker | November 27, 2006 0

The Hittites were once believed to be mythological despite their being mentioned in the Bible.

“Since Noah’s Ark landed in the mountains of Ararat (the mountains rose at the close of the Flood), it is not surprising that Noah’s progeny migrated down the new Tigris River valley from the mountains to found the earliest post-Flood civilizations such as Sumer, Akkad, Uruk, and Nimrud (which later became Babylon), Haran, Jericho, and Sidon (Phoenicia), and more distantly, Egypt and the Indus Valley of N.W. India. (The Tigris and the Euphrates rivers were named after two of the four pre-Flood rivers mentioned in the Bible that flowed from the Garden of Eden.”) 

This article discusses evidence of the great flood in the histories of ancient peoples. Click Here to read

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