Bye Bye Darwin

Posted by Chris Parker | November 30, 2006 0

Many Christians take evolution as a given which can not be challenged and is not worth bothering with. The facile response that God could have worked his ways through evolution or any way he pleased is totally thoughtless.

It goes against the core of Christianity, Judaism and even Islam. All religious people who hold the Bible as a sacred book and who follow its precepts know that God is the source of life.

Evolution denies this. 

…..If God did not intervene in man’s creation, then where did the soul come from? Is there a gene in man which created the soul?

If man is just an advanced mutation, he can not have a soul, he can not have the gift of everlasting life which is what religion teaches us. Evolution is therefore the enemy of everything that religion teaches us.


……..What does it take to create a successful gene? Let’s take one example – DNA Polymerase III. This is the main gene involved in DNA replication in one celled organisms. This gene is made up of seven sections each 300 to over 1000 amino acids long. Now what are the odds of through random mutation such a gene arising?

Let’s see we would need a chain some 2000 amino acids long with the proper amino acid (one of 20) in each link.

Now the chances of this occurring, even if we were to agree that there can be some amino acid substitution at each position, let’s say one of any 5 could fit in each one and still be effective (this is very optimistic and gives lower odds than in reality) the odds would still be 4 to the 2000th power.

That yields a number larger than a 1 with some 1500 zeros behind it. An evolutionist would say given enough generations and enough individuals, such a thing could happen. The answer is an absolute no.

In a species that replicated on a daily basis for the last 3.5 billion years since life is supposed to have begun on earth there would have been 1,277,500,000,000 generations. That takes care of 12 zeros, we still need to get rid of 1488.



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