Sea Monster Photographed in Norwegian Lake?

Posted by Chris Parker | January 27, 2007 10

Is this a Sea Monster? 

“Einar Johannes Sandnes believes he saw a sea monster emerge at SnÃ¥savatnet (Snaasa Lake). What do you believe?

By David Braendeland

Could this actually be a sea monster? The creature that appeared at Snsavatneta stayed around long enough to put a scare into Einar Johannes Sandnes.

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  • Shard Obsidia

    Unfortunately most of the picture evidence these days are just photoshopped. People get a big kick out of creating hoaxes and seeing how many people believe them. Ever watched X-Testers?

  • Shard Obsidia

    Shadowing looks wrong on the picture in relation to the light source. Thus it’s probably a photoshop image.

  • Administrator

    Dear Shard,

    Firstly, we’re just presenting the article and photo here without implying or stating that we are certain that it is genuine. However, we do have a friend of this site, Dr. Cliff Paiva, who analyzed photos for the Pentagon and the CIA. If he tells us that the shadows are “wrong”, we’ll believe him because he’s an actual expert.

    No offense to you, honestly, but there are entirely too many self described experts out there making pronouncements. In the past, alledged witnesses of all types of phenomena ave been asked “where are the photos”? Or why doesn’t someone take a picture of one of these things if they are real?

    Now that some photos have turned up, every single one of them is proclaimed by “experts” to be photoshopped. Should people just not bother to take photos any more? I wish that some of these experts would volunteer themselves out to the forensic departments of the FBI and local police where this kind of analysis would be invaluable.

    Seriously, we know that many photos are faked, we just think that 99% of the experts out there couldn’t distinguish a “good” fake from an unretouched photo.

    By the way, Dr. Paiva, an actual living expert, opined that this particular video is genuine:

    What do you think?

  • Shard Obsidia

    I’m no expert, nor a self proclaimed one. I’m an avid reader of your web site. If you have an expert studying these photos, then I bow out to the higher qualifications. I was only adding a comment because the caption next to the pictures stated, “What do you believe?” and “Could this actually be a sea monster?”.

    Sorry for the comments.

  • Administrator

    Shard, Shard, Shard,

    Please my friend. You have nothing to apologize for. I apologize to you. I should have known that my response would appear as nothing but a putdown of your comment. That’s not it. Well, I guess your comment about the shadow got me going.

    Let me make this clear, neither you or I is an expert, but the value of our opinions is exactly equal. I will say that I have not seen a photo of anything anomalous in the last 10 years that people didn’t immediately believe were fake.

    Who knows, maybe they all are, but I still prefer supposed sightings with a picture rather than without.

  • Shard Obsidia

    I completely understand your response. All of the previous aside, I want to say you are doing a great job here, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. I’m sure there are a lot of people reading your web site and keeping an open mind because of it. Sure you will have your skeptics roll through who are going to denounce things, but the sheer volume of material you have is almost overwhelming. This is one of the reasons I show your web site to people who never even thought to doubt what they were taught in school about the origins of dinosaurs, etc.

    Your hard work is appreciated, and my family and I continue to check your website daily for updates.

    Thanks again —
    Shard Obsidia (Pusan, South Korea)

  • Administrator

    Thanks, Shard,

    I appreciate it very much. I do wish I could update every day-but I have a real job! Greetings from Northern California.

    God bless you and yours,

  • dragon girl

    to me this picture looks fake, but then again what do i know? it might be real it might not. it would be awesome if it turned out to be real don’t you think? i have always loved a good sea monster story. i think that it’s possible
    that it could be real.

  • Taznay

    it’s my first time seeing this site, but i must say that it is a very well done site. there are a lot of ways to tell if a picture is fake. but onething about this picture is that the lighting looks fine to me. i don’t see anything fake about it!!

  • Smalls

    If someone wanted to fake a dinosaur, sea monster, etc. photo, why would they make it so unrecognizable? The fact that it’s such a bad photo convinces me that it’s real.

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