“Well Designed”? Pterosaur Correlation to Russian SU-37 BERKUT

Posted by Chris Parker | March 17, 2007 2

by Cliff Paiva, M.S. 




“The flight dynamics sections confirms that the pterosaur is an exceedingly effective aerodynamic drag-reduced system, using forward swept wing technologies.

Maximum lift forces occur in the midsection of the animal’s wing surface area. Camber is correlated, along with the swept wing technology, to the Russian SU-37/47 (NATO Designation: BERKUT) all aspect, all weather advanced, stealth fighter.

The SU37/47 Russian fighter also utilizes extremely highly maneuverable flight control surfaces which is in direct correlation to the pterosaur’s pteroid section, extended camber forward flap and the aft variable wing-leg sections.

Both “fighters” function in 6 degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) turning in any axis (x,y,z) and any angle (ρ,θ,φ) simultaneously. Each leg is capable of independent adjustment in direct correlation to the SU-37/47’s rear, independent horizontal stabilization system.

When used in conjunction with the pteroid-camber section the pterosaur is capable of severe angles-of-attack on approach-to-target and in mid-flight operations. Like the SU-37/47 Russian system, and the American F-22 Advanced Stealth Fighter, the pterosaur is then fully capable of applying totally independent, variable control surfaces. 

Also the head crest is the animal’s advanced rudder-optics section and, like the rest of this advanced “bird-of-prey”, operates independently or in coupled fashion, as the mission requires, with the rest of the sophisticated control surfaces distributed throughout the advanced engineered system.

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    so am i correct that this is evidence that creationists have been wrong in saying that the earths atmosphere had to be twice the pressure in the past for the pterosaur to fly. the pterosaur could fly in todays atmosphere then?

    you have an amazing site hope you keep up the line of research into dinosaurs and ancient literature. I would really be interested in doing related research but do not know where to look . if you have any suggestions for sorting through especially large volumes of online ancient art pictures i would difinetely check them out. or museums etc in tampa fl area. god bless

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    There is a difference beween believing in creation and creation science. Creation science is an attempt to explain “scientifically” that which the Bible makes no attempt to explain. I believe in the world wide flood, but when I attempt to explain it in “rational” terms which are the only terms “science” will accept I leave perfection and go to imperfection.

    Creation scientists try to convert the truth of the Bible into scientific language and such, though admirable is not “God breathed” and as such is subject to error and contradiction.

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