Nessie Filmed by Scientist?

Posted by Chris Parker | June 1, 2007 0

Photo: Top: San Francisco Bay Seamonster in 2004, Middle; Lake Windermere Seamonster,
Feb 2006. Bottom: Current Loch Ness sighting.

INVERNESS, Scotland, May 31 The legendary Loch Ness monster has made another film appearance, this time supposedly caught by the camcorder of an Englishman visiting the Scottish lake.

The 2-minute video made by Gordon Holmes of Shipley in Yorkshire reportedly shows something moving across Loch Ness, its head protruding from the water. The Glasgow Evening Times reports that the creature or object creates a wake in the water. The monster has been described as a beast resembling the long-necked swimming reptiles known as plesiosaurs, which have been extinct for millions of years. Scientists say there is no way Loch Ness could support a significant population of large marine animals and there is no way plesiosaurs could have survived there.Holmes, a technician at Bradford University, said he was at Loch Ness recording underwater sounds with a hydrophone. He grabbed his camcorder when he saw something moving on the surface.“About 200 yards away from me I could see something in the water,” he said. “It was definitely a creature propelling itself through the water. It was fairly bubbling along the water. It was streaking along.”

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