Ice Age” Art at Vogelherd Cave

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Photo:The Horse

When you hear that science has discovered a new collection of “prehistoric” art, what’s the first thing you look for?

Right! Dinosaurs! Umm, Right?

That’s because (if you’re a Christian) you know that all the animals on dry land were taken aboard the ark at the time of the great flood and thus all were around (including dinosaurs)at least directly after the great flood. (Dinosaurs, like most reptiles grow every year of their lives but hatch from eggs–so Noah would have taken the smaller juveniles aboard.)

That would mean that from time to time people living in the past would probably have represented “dinosaurs” in their art just as they represented other creatures in their environments.

If on the other hand, you believe “science”, then you accept as fact that man and dinosaur missed each other by millions of years. This we’ve tried to disprove in this section by showing that those creatures were indeed included in the art of ancient peoples.

A friend of’s, Mathew T. noted in an article about the discovery of “prehistoric” art at Vogelherd Cave in Germany that among the very exquisite pieces representing an equine, a lion figure and a mammoth, were also two that remained “unidentified”.

Mathew investigated further and passed along an interesting picture or two.

One of them is shown at an interesting angle, perhaps calculated to obscure what the piece actually depicts. More likely, we’re just being paranoid. As usual, one will just have to make up his or her own mind.

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