1924 Pterosaur Footage Taken on Papua New Guinea?

Posted by Chris Parker | September 1, 2007 5


From David Woetzel, Posted on YouTube: Aug 11, 2007

“Flying creature from 1924 museum expedition film.

Not yet enhanced.

New evidence from right under our noses? Why was this film hidden away?

Is it because of an atheist conspiracy to suppress the truth about the glory of God’s creation?

It is really exciting that we can still find such clear evidence for God’s wonderful and infinite variety of beautiful animals from the Genesis.

This flying animal is clearly not extinct at the time that this footage was taken. Watch how it seems to steer itself and correct its flight path with its long tail, this is something no bird could ever do without feathers!”

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5 Responses

  • It appears that you can’t stand the truth.

  • SharmCos

    Could well be a frigate bird which can be found in PNG

  • Kevin

    C’mon this looks like low grade stop action filem I almost expect gumby and Pokey to make an appearance.

    I want this to be true. But when you try to prove your position from real data there has to be some evidence to examine, so you can test yur hypothesis. This “film” doesn’t show enough to prove anything one way or another.

    I do not believe there is a disconnect between faith and reasoning. This does nto give me anything to reason with.

  • Administrator


    This film was in someone’s archives and recently turned up. Whatever it is, it was filmed in 1924 using 1924 movie technology. This is not a steadycam shot. Are you saying you’d rather not see it?

    Personally, I welcomed it. I wish it were longer and more conclusive but t is what it is. C’mon!

  • i believe this is the real pterosaur.. 🙂

    I thank the Good Lord that He created so many beautiful creatures. 🙂
    Praise God. 🙂

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