Top Eleven Mysterious Mysteries of the Pre-Columbian Americas That We Decided to Cram Into One Article

Posted by Chris Parker | September 11, 2007 0

In this brief article we cover a number of our favorite mysteries from the pre-Columbian Americas. It’s not really a top eleven. We had various bits of info or pictures lying around that we decided to put out there.

Some of them have been covered previously within these pages and some of them are new “mysteries”.

Among them are; giants, an ancient gold yeti or sasquatch(?), a south American airplane, some say an ancient earthmover, a mountaintop seaport with evidence of ocean going creatures, possible dinosaur and human interaction, differential gears and megalithic structures.

Apparently there was quite a bit going on in the Americas before Columbus named the indigenous inhabitants; Indians. Most of these “mysteries” are either ignored by conventional science or given very conventional explanations which no serious scientist would question. We however, intend to speculate freely.

It would seem to us that if our society and technology is truly superior to that of the past, remnants of ancient “technologies” should be relatively easy to explain and easy to duplicate using low technology methods. Such does not seem to be the case.

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