Did Noah’s Flood Spark Global Warming?
New documentary says temperature rising for last 5,000 years

Posted by Chris Parker | September 23, 2007 0


Yes, global temperatures are rising, says a new video documentary, but it’s not because of manmade carbon dioxide gases as former Vice President Al Gore insists.

It’s because Earth has been warming slowly but surely ever since Noah’s Flood 5,000 years ago, says a retired geophysicist and climate researcher in the video.

In “Miraculous Messages: From Noah’s Flood to the End Times,” the latest release from Grizzly Adams Productions, John Baumgardner, who spent 12 years working on a Global Ocean Model at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and was directly involved with climate research, does not dispute the Earth’s experience of increasingly warmer temperatures. But he contends the primary cause is not related to man’s burning of coal and oil.

Baumgardner notes that the Earth has experienced warming and cooling cycles several times since Noah’s Flood approximately 5,000 years ago. One such period was from AD 900 to AD 1300.

“During that time the Vikings colonized Greenland, and abundant farming, grasslands, herds, and even vineyards were present in Greenland,” he says. The “Little Ice Age” followed this warm period. In AD 1600, during this period, the Thames River in London froze.

With unmistakable evidence of significant variations in global temperature over the past 2,000 years, the current warming is “not out of range,” Baumgardner explains. “Current warming actually started in 1800 and accelerated during the 20th century, so now we’re about a degree warmer than we were 100 years ago.”

“Miraculous Messages” looks at additional factors that affect climate cycles. According to Baumgardner, recent research indicates a connection between the amount of solar (magnetic) activity on the sun and the average temperature of the Earth’s surface.

“Currently solar activity is high,” he says. “There are fewer cosmic rays reaching into the atmosphere and, as a result, less clouds and higher temperatures.”

Walt Brown, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, a mechanical engineer from MIT, and the former chief of science and technology studies at the Air War College, is another scientist featured in “Miraculous Messages.”

According to Brown, it is inevitable that man contributes to some global warming, “but the amount is probably not large and no one really knows the extent.”

The documentary explores how Noah built his massive Ark, the number of animals aboard, and where the Ark landed, based on research from scientists in various fields. In addition, “Miraculous Messages” explains in depth how a catastrophic worldwide flood could have happened and the current evidences left behind from this event – 25 mysterious anomalies found on Earth.

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