Eyewitness Accounts: More Huge Flying Creature Sightings In Pennsylvania

Posted by Chris Parker | June 9, 2008 0

Photo: Giant “Bird” in the middle of the road

Giant \"Bird\" in the roadway
The reason these stories are of interest to us of course, besides our natural curiosity concerning God’s creation, is that we believe that some of these creatures being reported are still existing pterosaurs…s8int.com

By Stan Gordon; www.stangordonufo.com

“This past February, I wrote about a man who reported a very close observation of a giant bird in neighboring West Virginia in late September,or early October, 2007. The man was driving on a rural two lane roadway outside of the town of Clendenin, at about 8 A.M. when he had to step hard on his brakes,to avoid hitting a giant flying creature in the middle of the road.

The giant bird was only a few yards ahead of him, and was feeding on road kill. The witness, an avid hunter, was startled by the size of the creature, which stood at least four feet tall, with it’s head extending above the roof line of his vehicle.

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