Mysterious Kotoko Horseman Again

Posted by Chris Parker | June 21, 2008 0

When we did a page on the Those mysterious, ancient, Kotoko “horseman” a short time ago, we took note of the strange, sometimes reptilian horses featured in their art.

One piece in particular featured what looked like an apparatus atop a sauropod. On further review, we think that this apparatus could represent a form of block and tackle…..s8intcom

“……Kotoko speaking people of Chad. While evidence of humaniod habitation of the region is more than one million years old, the Kotoko speakers are among the oldest bronze age people in the region.

Consequently bronze Kotoko artifacts are quite rare, and especially prized by collectors and connoisseurs alike. The Kotoko are believed to be descendents of the legendary Sao people.

The latter were an ancient indigenous group of Bantu speakers who trace back 7,000 years to when this region of the Sahara was not a desert but had ample water supply, and Lake Chad was sixty-feet above its current level.

Photo: Ancient, wooden block and tackle

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