A Giant Axe to Grind with the Archeological Museum of Herakleion

Posted by Chris Parker | July 12, 2008 0

by S8intcom, copyright 2008

So, let me axe you something?

If you were a world famous and unique museum featuring ancient Minoan and Cretan artifacts, and in your collection had giant double headed axes of stupendous size—wouldn’t you include something in a photo of the artifacts for scale? Wouldn’t you provide the dimensions of the objects in the official descriptions of the artifact?

Is the fact that these ancient axes are much taller than a human being desciptions I’ve read about the artifacts, even the one from the museum housing them fails to provide that detail.

Now, the fact that these objects are very large, does not prove that they were wielded by giants; perhaps as the museum and other sources claim, they were just votive or worshipful objects. However, the fact that the size detail is often omitted and the objects shown without anything that could provide scale makes me slightly paranoid. We get a sense of their size primarily from tourist photographs.

In a ”prior article, Ted Twietmeyer wrote about giant sledgehammers that had been found in an ancient copper mine. Clearly those hammers were wielded by very large men for purposes that were anything but votive. The point is, the notion that giant implements were wielded by giants in the past has been demonstrated over over again–to the open minded.

Returning to the giant double headed axes from up to 1700 years before Christ; there are reasons to at least consider the idea that they could have been made to be used by men of large stature. That information follows.

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