Creationist issues $11 trillion challenge

Posted by Chris Parker | September 30, 2008 1

“the extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology.” Stephen Jay Gould (Natural History, 86:12-16)

New Zealand Herald
4:00AM Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

ISTANBUL – A controversial creationist has offered a multitrillion-dollar challenge to scientists.

Adnan Oktar’s “call to all evolutionists” promises “10 trillion Turkish lira to anyone who produces a single intermediate-form fossil demonstrating evolution” – a sum roughly equal to $11.7 trillion.

The Muslim writer, who uses the pen name Harun Yahya, is a fierce critic of “the Darwinist dictatorship” and a popular figure in Turkey, where only a quarter of the population believe in evolution.

The 52-year-old former architecture student claims there are no fossils to support Darwinist theories.

“Not one [fossil] belongs to strange-looking creatures in the course of development of the kind supposed by evolutionists.”

However, scientists reject his claims that these fossils do not exist. Dr Kevin Padian at the University of California told the New York Times Oktar “does not have any sense of what we know about how things change through time. If he sees a fossil crab, he says, ‘It looks just like a regular crab, there’s no evolution.’ Extinction does not seem to bother him.”

Oktar found fame in 2006 when 10,000 copies of his Atlas Of Creation were distributed worldwide. The 800-page volume illustrated his claims that for millions of years life forms have not developed, supporting his Islamic creationist beliefs.

*Richard Dawkins, a British biologist, called the Atlas “preposterous”, speaking of “the breathtaking inanity of the content”.

Oktar responded: “We could have spoken on a more scientific basis if he had been able to produce an intermediate form fossil capable of confirming evolution.”

This month Oktar won a case in a Turkish court claiming that Dawkins’ website contained blasphemous and defamatory content. Internet users in Turkey can no longer access the site.


*No, not “transitional”. Good try.

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  • Terrie

    Though “transitional” fossils will never be found, there may indeed be fossils found of engineered chimera. The sons of God took two hundreds of the kinds from fish, fowl, and beasts, before the flood, and mixed genes to produce chimera. They also did this after the flood. there are lion-els, in 2 Samuel 2:20, and strange mixed creatures who were of the emmims/yemins [ means “terrors”], in Jasher 26:28-34, there is this report of the Emim ‘giants/yemim # And the sons of Shobal were Alvan, Manahath, Ebal, Shepho, and Onam, and the sons of Zibeon were Ajah, and Anah, this was that Anah who found the Yemim in the wilderness when he fed the asses of Zibeon his father.

    # And whilst he was feeding his father’s asses he led them to the wilderness at different times to feed them.
    # And there was a day that he brought them to one of the deserts on the sea shore, opposite the wilderness of the people, and whilst he was feeding them, behold a very heavy storm came from the other side of the sea and rested upon the asses that were feeding there, and they all stood still.

    # And afterward about one hundred and twenty great and terrible animals came out from the wilderness at the other side of the sea, and they all came to the place where the asses were, and they placed themselves there.

    # And those animals, from their middle downward, were in the shape of the children of men, and from their middle upward, some had the likeness of bears, and some the likeness of the keephas, with tails behind them from between their shoulders reaching down to the earth, like the tails of the ducheephath, and these animals came and mounted and rode upon these asses, and led them away, and they went away unto this day.

    # And one of these animals approached Anah and smote him with his tail, and then fled from that place.

    # And when he saw this work he was exceedingly afraid of his life, and he fled and escaped to the city.
    Some evidences may turn up of chimera, yet from those days.

    Besides, the sons of God spliced genes to impregnate the daughters of Adam whom they took for wives and produced sons who were all kinds of giants.

    There are tablets in relief showing nephillim giants in Sumer [Babylon] that we would call insectoids. No evolution produced these things, but gene splicing did, and what will the man do if. fossils of these thypes of creatures turns up?
    How will they tell that they are chimera and that they have already been described in the old books?

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