Ancient Civilizations in Brittany, France Interacted with “Dinosaurs” and Left the Monuments to Prove It

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by Anthony James
Copyright 2008

Here at, we’re always curious to see which stories garner the most interest. Often times, the stories we think are going to shock the world, do not and others which we think might be of limited interest are the ones that literally thousands of people read. Above Photo: Lesneven; The Coast of Legends.

Here’s another one that we think is going to “shock the world”, so let’s see if anyone else agrees. How will monuments like “The Monster”, “The Camel” or the Arc de Triomphe effect the dinosaur and human interaction argument?

There’s a certain area in France where apparently a whole lot was going on in the distant past with respect to ancient, unknown civilizations, all under the nose of and virtually invisible to conventional archaeology.

At Fontainebleau, France, an ancient unknown civilization left unmistakable traces of its existence in the form of monuments; twisted and surreal megalithic sculptures and stone heads similar in size to those of the Olmecs. Controversially, they also left samples of an unknown writing system.

Approximately 4 hours away by automobile is Lussac-les-Châteaux, where in 1937, Leon Pericard and Stephane Lewoff uncovered a number of engraved stones dating from the Magdalenian period (it is believed) which drastically altered the accepted picture of how “cave men” or primitive peoples looked and dressed. The flat stones held portraits that showed men and women in casual poses, wearing robes, boots, belts, coats and hats. Clearly this find is still controversial.

Equidistant from Fontainebleau and from Lussac-les-Châteaux, approximately 3 ½ hours by car is Glozel, France, where in 1921 a great number of stone tablets were found in a cave engraved with writing, some of it apparently Phoenician, along with pictures of “extinct animals”. The problem was, the writing on the tablets was much too early for the paradigm to accept. Recent scientific tests have borne out their age.

Roughly equidistant from Glozel and Fontainebleau, about 6 hours away is Locmariaquer, France, the location of some of the largest menhirs and dolmens in the world.

Brittany, is an area six hours from Fontainebleau along the Rue de Cote des Legendes is an area known for its ancient Celtic and Pagan worship and for dolmens, stones, standing stones, menhirs, megalithic constructions, strange granite rock formations in twisted forms made by nature and other recognizable forms carved by men.

It is here, among these ancient monuments that we find conclusive, spectacular evidence that either the ancient Pagans or an even earlier civilizations interacted with dinosaurs. This evidence is in the form of megalithic rocks weighing tens and hundreds of tons, perhaps thousands of years old.

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  • I do not understand Christians who say they accept the Bible but will not believe in “Genesis” (and, often, in “Revelation”) literally. Dinosaurs and humans had to co-exist, else our understanding of God’s Word is void. I had not heard much about the Breton megaliths, especially the dinosaurian sculptures. The Ica stones and the Acambaro figurines alone should be conclusive. Archeologists still label them as hoaxes!

  • Where’s the source on this? I couldn’t find where the pictures originally came from.



  • xtimla tergiam

    i have learned much from your site and the dethroning of current academia. as theevidence of humans and extinct creatures is self evident in their artwork. what i do not tend to agree with and with good reason is that we are led by a shepard and hence we are sheep who are fleeced and eaten.

  • Administrator


    Thanks for the comment. I hope that all is well with you.

    Could you elaborate? While I’m waiting; query, do you suppose sheep know that they are sheep– who need a shepherd?

  • Mark

    Unfortunately much of the supposed megalithic sculptures and stone heads is simply wishful thinking, you could get more similar facsimilies of animals from a Rorschach inkblot test. And I do know there are anomalistic finds in the geological column, but I don’t think any of these stones are one of them.

  • Dr.Q

    I guess it is a lot of fortune that fosilised footprints of human steping over a dinasour pawprint exists as work of art of a past nature.

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