Dead Pterosaur Photo Compared to Rhamphorhynchoidea

Posted by Chris Parker | October 26, 2008 8

This photo has been on the site for some time but we hadn’t posted our comparison with one of the long tailed Rhamphorhynchoidea pterosaurs similar to Rhamphorhynchus.

This photo is allegedly from the 1950’s and was printed in Ripley’s Believe it Or not or similar magazine and shows a ranch hand holding up a long tailed creature that science says should have been extinct-for many millions of years.

Photo 2 shows the alleged pterosaur compared with two versions of Rhamphorhynchus. Text is provided primarily so that we could have something to wrap around the photos…

Rhamphorhynchus was an early pterosaur. It belonged to a group called the rhamphorhynchoids. They were small in size and had long narrow wings made from skin stretched over a long fourth finger of the hand. These animals also could have had a throat pouch for storage.

Rhamphorhynchus (which means “beak snout”) was an early pterosaur, an extinct flying reptile closely related to dinosaurs. It belonged to a group called the rhamphorhynchoids. Rhamphorhynchus, a primitive type of flying reptile, was less specialized than the later pterodactyls. This primitive pterosaurus was a carnivore, that probably ate fish and insects.

It may have hunted by draping its beak in the water. It would snap its sharp teeth shut and toss the food into its throat pouch. This throat pouch, a structure, that has been preserved in some fossils, could have been used for storage. Click Here for Larger Comparison Photo with Rhamphorhynchoidea pterosaurs

Rhamphorhynchus was small in size and had long, narrow wings made from skin stretched over a long, fourth finger of the hand. It had long, thin pointed tail (4 inch/20 cm), which ended in a diamond-shaped flap of skin. It may have been used as a rudder to direct himself when flying.

Rhamphorhynchus had long, narrow jaws with large spiked teeth that pointed outwards. Its small body with a long neck and tiny legs was supported by a relatively large head. ……Wikipedia

Click Here for Larger Comparison Photo with Rhamphorhynchoidea pterosaurs

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  • Shiv

    That photograph is very interesting. But there are so many idiots out there creating hoaxes that i dont want to get too excited.
    There is a youtube user called ‘ropenseeker’ who claims to be investigating this type of dinosaur in New Guinea. He has not answered the messages i sent and has not updated his channel yet.
    He has posted interviews with locals about their encounters with the Ropen.
    My guess is that dinosaurs are still alive today but are living in a parallel dimension to ours. Eyewitness encounters occur when the dinos are able to drift into our dimension and out again.
    If there was some way to remove the dimension boundaries we will be surrounded by dinos and other strange animals and humans etc.

  • Administrator


    I agree that photos can be faked and am wary of that. Still, what are we going to do –assume all photos are fake. Its ironic that for years sceptics would ask for photos and now having a photo tends to make people suspicious; how is it you happened to have a camera?

    I’m betting that pterosaurs or dinosaurs are living in this dimension. According to evol theory, turtles and crocks are just as old as dinos. The komodo dragon is a dinosaur–and for years people didn’t believe it existed–but now since its commonly understood to be real, it’s no longer considered a dino.

    Of course, we believe that they are all contemporaries….

  • Shiv

    One of the reasons i suspect that dinosaurs are in another dimension is because of the natives in Australia. Their history seems to be full of encounters with dinosaurs like the burrunjor. When questioned one of the tribal elders said that Burrunjor lives in another energy level (dimension?) to us. It can come in and out of the energy levels. The natives say all kinds of monsters live in the other energy level (dreamtime).

    BUT dinos could live in 3D. Either way i am convinced dinos are still around and i so badly want to see one (from a safe distance).

  • Shiv

    Speaking of photos:
    You may have seen that video. The photo was taken by film camera and has the negative film. Perhaps this waterfall dinosaur was not a photoshop? Also i think it was taken long before photoshop became popular

  • Bruce

    I belive that dinos are still around, in the most remote parts of the world it could happen.

  • I suspect the only “parallel dimensions” are those we call “Heaven” and “Hell”! Whatever they are, God must have created them. As for relict dinosaurs, I think they exist. There are too many sightings to pretend otherwise. As to what they are . . . I think we will find they are neither fish nor fowl, neither reptile nor mammal nor bird. They will turn out to be a different order altogether.

  • Dr.Q

    This is a very interesting picture. Compared to many I have seen, it is the one that creates less doubt to me. The only thing I wonder is how a flying animal closely related to dinasours can manage to avoid being seen, not that I believe it can not be done.
    For example the people of Puerto Rico came to the eye of the world when the first stories of the chupacabra (goatsucker) came out. It is so hard for people to comprehend that a species of a larger bat stills lives but only comes to feed every 7 years.
    NO no … this did not come out untill some years ago. Not so. Puerto Rico is a small Island of 100 by 35. There are no wild goats or heards of rabbits or the so, being the reason that a few years ago they begun hunting animals in captivity. ON the brink of extintion they will come out again if they can not manage a lonely stray animal, they will hit the ones in captivity once more. They fly and only about one in a million have seen a real one up close. In Puerto Rico, population of about 4 million, that means around 4 people.
    Sorry about the picture not provided.

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