The Badlands Guardian: Strange Rock Formation in Alberta Canada

Posted by Chris Parker | November 24, 2008 7

Photo:Satellite view of Badlands Guardian.

This feature has been around a while but we didn’t realize that it was so easily reproduced. Someone with a little too much time on their hands discovered a geomorphological feature that looks incredibly like a Native American in a full headdress. The image is pretty uncanny and vastly superior to that alledged “face on mars”.

The Badlands Guardian is a geomorphological feature located at 50°00?38.20?N 110°06?48.32?W near Medicine Hat in the south east corner of Alberta, Canada. Viewed from the air, the feature bears a strong resemblance to a human head wearing a full native American headdress. Because of additional man-made structure, it also appears to be wearing earphones.

The head is a drainage feature created through erosion of soft, clay-rich soil by the action of wind and water. The arid badlands are typified by infrequent but intense rain-showers, sparse vegetation and soft sediments. The ‘head’ may have been created during a short period of fast erosion immediately following intense rainfall.

The apparent earphones are a road and an oil well, which has been in place only a few years, and will likely become invisible once the well falls into disuse and its superficial features are eroded. The feature is best viewed from Google Maps (satellite view). The lighting is ideal for bringing out the apparent facial features. Although the image appears to be a positive feature, it is actually a negative feature (a valley)

Originally discovered by Lynn Hickox (screen name “Supergranny” on Google Earth)[1], suitable names were canvassed by CBC Radio One program As It Happens. Out of 50 names submitted, seven were suggested to the Cypress County Council. They altered the suggested ‘Guardian of the Badlands’ to become Badlands Guardian…..Wikipedia

View the image (zoom in and out> for yourself on Google Maps.

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  • shiv

    Wow that is simply phenomenal.

  • Dr.Q

    I never beleived the mars face were made by the hand of no one. The light hits one side of the so called face and the shades do not permit to see the geometry of the other eye or cheek. Those are not really faces if you study them them hard. This indian would be much more credible and still is a natural formation.
    Thanks for the wisdom

  • Administrator

    I agree with you abut the “Mar’s face”, Dr. Q.

  • starfire54

    I’m surprised that the three other people who looked at the photo did not respond to the face that’s looking over what would be her left shoulder. I went to the link provided under the article and studied the map sat. image on googles website. I then proceeded to zoom out about five clicks from full zoom and studied the surounding terrain. There are in fact three faces, the womens, the one I think looks like a man looking over her left shoulder, and a third in the upper left corner of the map. You can find this one by following the road (her earring) down and to the left of the screen as you sit and look at the image, when it meets what appears to be a main road follow it up towards the top of your screen. Just as it begins to cross the ravines the face is to the left of the road and up just a bit. It has a mans face with what could be called a war like helmet in the raised position. Or maybe I’m all wrong about the other two images I see, but that’s what they look like to me.

  • Dr.Q

    The problem with the mars faces is the distance. The main shot is taken at a distance wich gives a look. After that, close ups will give you the same impretion only that at a closer look. In order to really prove the mars faces are not naturally made, Scientist need to get the machine they have in mars, and take the picture at a distanca about the one you need to picture the 3 gaza piramids in Egypt.
    If they get this, you will really see what the formation is all about.
    of course I know that when the machine gets there, the picture will be of a natural formation that seemed different at a larger distance from above. How long has the mars rover been up there? We still have no faces. Think about it.

  • Gringo

    Dr. Q I think your full of crapola, you can’t be a real Dr. or a professor. You are just an old cynic that thinks he’s a know-it-all

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