Pterosaur Photographed at Macachin Airport?

Posted by Chris Parker | December 13, 2008 10

The CEUFO (Center for Studies UFO) of Argentina received an email from a photographer (Fabián Romano) that claimed to have captured a strange being on his camera while taking some shots around the Macachín airport.

The image submitted to CEUFO is said to have been taken in midday with a Minolta digital camera. Using a lens of 135 mm and a manual speed of 1/1000.

The CEUFO analyzed the image and declared it to be that of a flying “entity”. They also said that the image was of a “high strangeness”. The CEUFO came to this conclusion after submitting the photograph to rigorous testing.

CEUFO also submitted the image to various centers around the globe for further examination. The curator for the Provincial Museum (Gustavo Siegentale) said that the image was “very strange” indeed. Gustavo Siegentale went on to even claim that this could be a “mammal, carnivore and with wings” obviously “an unknown species”.

According to The CEUFO, the image was then submitted to the Special Criminal Division (police) of La Pampa. The division, using hi-tech equipment that is usually used for criminal cases, said that the in the photograph, one can see eye sockets, a beak and the object could be 80 cm tall (32 inches). Taking in reference the airplane’s propellor in the background.

The CEUFO also said that this was not the only reported sighting of the creature. There has been other situations were people have seen strange creatures in or around the airport area. Further investigations are pending.


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  • shiv

    WOW WOW! If this is real footage, this is the best evidence yet!!!

  • shiv

    This photo looks like what i suspected, dinosaurs are interdimensional creatures that can come and go out of our 3d world

  • Rigby

    It’s a grasshopper that got in the shot. I’ve seen it happen many times. Try checking out photos of grasshoppers flying on the web – eventually you’ll find one that matches.

  • Administrator

    That’s certainly possible. I am a bit “bothered” by the seeming transparency of the left wing-which one must assume is due to motion. Foryour hypothesis to be true it would apparently have escaped the notice of the alleged experts….

  • Enough sightings have been made and reported (& who knows how many haven’t been reported for fear of being ridiculed?) that it is hard to deny the existence of such creatures. There is a question that I’ve heard asked: why are there seemingly more sightings of strange flying creatures recently than in the past? My first impression is that the population of the remote areas is increasing and/or that these animals are making a comeback that causes some of the younger ones move away from over-populated hunting territories. What’s your thought?

  • Reference the grasshopper theory: while it is entirely possible that it is a grasshopper, I can only discern two wings in the photo. Grasshoppers have four wings, do they not?

  • Yosemite1967

    We need someone to run a Fourier transform on that image to clear it up a bit. Maybe if we did so, the face on the creature in the image would turn out to look uncannily like Harrison Ford. (Any of you who have seen “Patriot Games” should be laughing at my inside joke about now.) :^)

  • Yosemite1967

    Seriously though, this photograph is totally useless (and giving me deja-vu about the ol’ “Roswell Rods” foolishness) without some eye-witness testimony of what was being photographed.

    Since the photographer didn’t seem to notice it until development time, it was likely just a shutter-speed anamoly wherein he caught one or two flying insects or birds or some other totally common-place thing captured at a strange angle. If it were big enough to be a pterosaur–even a baby one, he surely would’ve noticed something while photographing.

  • Administrator

    My guess Deniol is that they were fairly common in certain parts of the world thru the middle ages; that they are primarily nocturnal and that there numbers were signficantly impacted by the invention of the crossbow and firearms.

    I think your point about civilization is well placed as well. Personally I think I’ve seen one common lizard in the last 10 years.

  • Administrator


    Bad photo, I agree. I’ve done with it what I can. question is; is it worth seeing? Answer: barely.

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