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Posted by Chris Parker | December 23, 2008 5

“Dear s8int.com,

In the following page Giants, Tunnels Beneath SC
you mention a 1932 book “The Death Valley Man”, followed by a description of a tunnel network near Death Valley. The report mentions a northern exit of that network, on the eastern slopes of the mountains that are to the east of the valley, halfway their height, and from which one can overlook Furnace Creek Ranch and Furnace Creek Wash.

I took a look on Google Maps and I think I found it, thanks to this description. I don’t know if this is commonplace knowledge already, it wasn’t that hard (took me about 10 minutes of scrutinizing the
satellite pictures).

Probably you located it as well, but if not, I’ll explain how to find it: Surf to Google Maps. Do a search entry for “Furnace Creek Ranch”. The ranch has an airstrip to its east. And a road on the northern edge of the ranch called Airport Road. This road runs east-northeast. If you follow its direction for several miles, well into the mountains, pretty accurately in that direction, you’ll notice a structure with clearly symmetrical and geometric features.

Well I think that may well be this northern entrance the report mentions. It has a kind of “face” in front of it, like it is made by an ancient American culture. Its features are both symmetrical and repetitive geometric patterns. And with parallel lines. It would surprise me if this isn’t man made. The material to the right is either a mudslide or a material which used to be rolled back to open the entrance.

I included a picture of it, and one of its direct surroundings. I print-screened this from Google Maps.

Best regards,”

Wouter W., The Hague, Netherlands

Wouter has done some dogged and determined research on this topic which for us began with a 1947 San Diego Union newspaper article about ancient civilizations and nine foot giants in the desert under Southern California. A second article was found that appeared in the “Hot Citizen” of Nevada. At the time, we originally posted our article we had done a lot of additional research to try to prove or disprove the story.

One piece of slightly corroborating evidence is that a Mr. Nasbaum of the Interior Department was found to have had a file on Amazing Explorations Inc. in his “Nut File”. Perhaps the file was aptly named because we’ve had little success followng up on the individuals named in this Amazing Exploration…s8int.com

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  • Aram

    I tried locating the artifact Wouter found with no success. Directions are too vague. It would be helpful if the geographic coordinates were specified.

  • Can anyone get the coordinates of the cave that wouter found it would be cool to look at it myself on G.E.i also plan on visiting Death Valley next year and the coordinates would come in handy

    Thnx, StumpDrummer

  • Administrator

    Brad et al

    See follow on post on Blog here:

  • Wouter Weyland

    So far, a front office person (non-expert?) of National Geographic turned down a similar mail as one can read above, saying that the experts are too busy.
    An expert on ancient American cultures didn’t reply so far, neither did 1 out of 2 archeological associations.
    Smithsonian gave a more interested reply, after having forwarded my mail to their anthropology department (supposing it’s man made) and adviced me to contact the National Park again. The National Parks in the US have their own archeological service.

    It’s about time to send Death Valley National Park a reminder again, I’m completely unaware if this has their attention at all. I’ve been waiting long enough already.

    As anyone can understand, I’m very much fascinated by it. And en passant I started to love this country very much. Absolutely recommendable to watch youtube videos of people flying over it, or walking its canyons.
    Even though it’s an Adventure with the capital A to go there (rattlesnakes, mountain lions, scorpions, complete lack of water, close to 20 km off-road if walking from Stovepipe Wells) I’d love to visit it one day. It’s number 1 on my places to have been list even before the Pyramid of Gizeh.

    I’m calling the object “Tomesa” already for myself, the name the Indians gave to Death Valley, it means “the Flaming Land”.

    It surprised me that no-one had come across it yet. I went through thousands and thousands and thousands of pictures and texts related to Death Valley and the places nearby the object and found no-one mentioning it. Except (probably) the 1932 story published at s8int.com. In fact it’s thanks to s8int.com’s article that my research into this was triggered. Many thanks.

    Notice that there are no modern roads leading to it.
    If this structure this size would be in use in our time (construction, maintenance, personnel) I’d expect at least a dirt road to it. They’re completely absent, and in combination with the odd building style, the state it is in, and no clues to what modern function this building would have, I assume that it’s ancient anyway. Advanced and ancient.

    Wouter Weyland

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