Is the Opposite of There is a God, There Probably Isn’t a God?: Atheist Bus Ads ‘Pathetic:’ Philosopher Says

Posted by Chris Parker | July 30, 2009 0

Atheists or Humanists have begun a Canada wide “bus slogan” campaign which touts the idea that there “probably” is no God. The bus slogan campaign first began in Great Britain and has now moved to Canada.

I had no idea that Atheists were so equivocal on this topic. But if you can’t state categorically that there is no God, what is the point? And, what are the ramifications for the person who “relaxes, and enjoys his life”- if in fact THERE IS a God? After all, “probably” isn’t a word likely to make many converts to their side.

Are Atheists “Atheists” not so much because they’re so sure that there is no God, but because they just want to stay home on Sundays and “enjoy life”?

Are they aware that Jesus said

“I came that you may have life–and to have it more abundantly”? John 10:10

Maybe Atheists believe that He probably didn’t say that.

If this campaign is “successful” which seems unlikely, maybe one of the drug companies will be inspired to present a similar “bus slogan” campaign; –“Abilify!, It probably won’t kill you”!

Here is the article I referenced

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