Amazingly Accurate, True Life, Toy Pteranodon?

Posted by Chris Parker | August 14, 2009 0

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On the right is the “new Soft-Touch Giant Pteranodon” by Everything Dinosaur. It is reportedly, “very easy to carry around” and is “soft and squeezy”. On the left is an apparent pteranodon depiction made by eyewitnesses. At least we assume that the makers of this mask topped by the “pteranodon creature” actually looked like–or got his hands on somebody’s modern “dinosaur” book.

Pteranodon was thought by some to have gone extinct millions of years before man even “evolved”. This artist was savvy enough to know that pteranodon had no teeth and ate fish. The artist has made the eyes bulge in this representation in a way most modern conceptions of the creature do not.

The mask is antique, and comes from the Dan people who inhabited the Ivory Coast beginning in the eighth century. This piece is owned by a collector.

The Gallery identifies the “bird-like creature” atop the mask as “zoomorphic”.

Note that the beaks are extremely similar–depicted as “shiny” in both the mask and the toy. . His wings are tucked somewhat behind him. The two figures agree as to body shape, head spike, beak, legs and feet.

This mask is from the Ashione gallery.

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