UFO and/or Pterosaur Photographed in Nihuil Argentina Above Lake

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Photo:Unidentified Flying Object; Sept. 7, 2009. Click to enlarge.

Versions of this story and a series of blurry, low reso photos appeared in various South American newpaper outlets. The following news story was translated from Diarios De Los Andes.

A gentleman photographed and object that he noted was silent and that was hovering several feet above the lake near the shoreline. One photo in particular has prompted some to suggest that this was a sighting of a fishing/hunting pterosaur.

The other photos in the series do not as clearly support that or any other known object. The pterosaur hypothesis remains viable but unproven given the quality of these photos. One way to also see the other photos as pterosaur is to assume that it is flying drectly away from the viewer with the wings in profile, the long neck visible with the other appendages as legs and traling tail. (But hey, you have eyes) :0)

Photo: “UFO” compared to pterosaur and Ropen. Click to view larger version.

Sooner or later the continued existence of the pterosaur will be a proven fact and when that happens, it will put the “mythology” of the ancients and flying dragons in an interesting context. See Tracking the Ancient Griffin, Modern Monsters and the “Extinct” Pterosaur Through Art, History and Science-…If you haven’t already…s8int.com

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He went to fish and says that he saw a UFO
Diarios de lLos Andes, Sept 7, 2009

A resident of the City of Nihuil in Argentina went to fish and encountered and unknown flying object near the shoreline of the dam. He managed to take several photos of the object with his the cellular phone.

This is one of the photos of the series that the fisherman took near the shoreline of the lake. (Top, left)(Images: Newspaper San Rafael)

A man who lives in the town of Nihuil is said to have seen an object that could not identify. He took photos of the object with his cellular phone and he believes that it is a UFO (not identified flying object).

“I saw it and by luck was able to take several photos of it. The fishing fanatic said that he did not want to reveal his identity. According to the story published in the diariosanrafael.com.ar today, the resident of Nihuil saw the object unknown flying over the lake in the late hours of Saturday afternoon.

The man who made “incredible” discovery, at first, did not want anyone to find out about what he had seen. But a friend convinced him to present the news to the press, relates the early riser. ”

He was not afraid during the encounter. Besides he continued, I liked it because they are things that are of interest to me, since I believe that alien life must exist on other planets. He affirmed the sighting in handwritten declarations to thepress. After snapping the images on the telephone, he realized that the unknown object in the sky had disappeared.

This story also told at Diario de Dan Rafael

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