Modern Man a Wimp Says Anthropologist

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In this interesting article, anthropologist McAllister attributes the greater physical abilities of our ancestors to the softness of modern society versus the tough existence of prior societies.

Respected Cornell Geneticist, John Sanford, who rejected Darwinism in his recent book: “Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome”, attributes this physical decline to the actual decline in “fitness” of the human genome.

Far from the Darwinian mantra of increasing “fitness” of successive generations due to the “capture” of beneficial mutations, Sanford’s research leads him to conclude that the human genome is gradually losing the fight against a growing volume of negative genetic mutations and that in fact the human race’s genome is actually declining in fitness approximately 2% every generation.

If you’re not so good at math you might think that this means the genome would decline to zero in 50 years. This is not what he’s saying. He’s saying that each human generation is 2% less fit than the prior generation. That kind of decline could be sustained for a long time but the prognosis would not be good.

Just as the universe began winding down when death came into the picture because of Adam’s sin, so entropy also appears to have become a reality for biological systems as well.

An article on Sanford’s book can be found by clicking here. ……

Modern Man a Wimp Says Anthropologist
By John Mehaffey

LONDON (Reuters) – Many prehistoric Australian aboriginals could have outrun world 100 and 200 meters record holder Usain Bolt in modern conditions.

Some Tutsi men in Rwanda exceeded the current world high jump record of 2.45 meters during initiation ceremonies in which they had to jump at least their own height to progress to manhood.
height to progress to manhood.

Any Neanderthal woman could have beaten former bodybuilder and current California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in an arm wrestle.

These and other eye-catching claims are detailed in a book by Australian anthropologist Peter McAllister entitled “Manthropology” and provocatively sub-titled “The Science of the Inadequate Modern Male.”

McAllister sets out his stall in the opening sentence of the prologue.

“If you’re reading this then you — or the male you have bought it for — are the worst man in history.

“No ifs, no buts — the worst man, period…As a class we are in fact the sorriest cohort of masculine Homo sapiens to ever walk the planet.”

Delving into a wide range of source material McAllister finds evidence he believes proves that modern man is inferior to his predecessors in, among other fields, the basic Olympic athletics disciplines of running and jumping.

His conclusions about the speed of Australian aboriginals 20,000 years ago are based on a set of footprints, preserved in a fossilized claypan lake bed, of six men chasing prey.


An analysis of the footsteps of one of the men, dubbed T8, shows he reached speeds of 37 kph on a soft, muddy lake edge. Bolt, by comparison, reached a top speed of 42 kph during his then world 100 meters record of 9.69 seconds at last year’s Beijing Olympics.

In an interview in the English university town of Cambridge where he was temporarily resident, McAllister said that, with modern training, spiked shoes and rubberized tracks, aboriginal hunters might have reached speeds of 45 kph.

“We can assume they are running close to their maximum if they are chasing an animal,” he said.

“But if they can do that speed of 37 kph on very soft ground I suspect there is a strong chance they would have outdone Usain Bolt if they had all the advantages that he does.

“We can tell that T8 is accelerating toward the end of his tracks.”

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