Amazing Discovery – A Fossilised Tree Trunk in a Burial Chamber on Angelesy

Posted by Chris Parker | November 3, 2009 0

Presenter Rupert Soskin has been steeped in science since he was a child no doubt and has/had swallowed it completely no doubt in all its evolutionary influenced forms. He believed, as materialist science teaches that petrification and fossilization take place over millions of years.

Thus science uses petrified and objects as proofs against a young earth.

This video is from the two hour documentary entitled: “Standing with Stones”.

Mr. Soskin whilst exploring a burial chamber and standing stones on Angelesy in the British Isles makes for him a startling and mind-bending discovery. What geologists and archaeologists had described as a “carved stone monolith”, was actually a petrified tree trunk.

He begs the listener not to shut off the tele when he makes this claim and the further, extraordinary claim that some of the carving on the tree trunk was done prior to fossilization!

Watch his mind boggle! But–I’ve been taught he says that petrified wood comes at the very least from the Miocene period—5.5 million years to slightly over 20 million years ago–and modern man according to most evolutionists has only been around for quite less than 1 million years.

Now, even if someone wants to come and admit that under “special circumstances” that a tree trunk could petrify fairly quickly–say in less than 6,000 years, it still eliminates the proposition that a particular fossil discovery is automatically “million of years old”, doesn’t it?

Clearly, if the explanation for carved petrified wood was easy to come by for evolutionists, they wouldn’t have needed to try to pass off petrified wood –as rock.

Relax, Mr. Soskin, you’ve just been *Punc EQ’d”….…

If the Video does not play in your window, Try Here

*Punctuated equilibria (“punc eq” or PE) was originally proposed as an attempt to offer an alternative evolutionary view to the classical Darwinian theory of speciation as a slow, gradual process.….Kurt Wise

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