Four Quick Ancient Mistories*

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Photo: Blond mummy in China

1)No one has been more enthralled and interested in the story about Ancient Caucasians (Romans) in China than Stormfront. (See Also: Blond Mummies in China)

Since humans are 99.9% genetically identical, as I’ve said before, one might as well be excited about his historical connection to ancients that also has male pattern baldness.

2)Now, here’s a new story about ancient East Asians in Rome. Who’s going to get excited about that, I wonder? DNA testing on 2,000-year-old bones in Italy reveal East Asian ancestry

Maybe they had some type of burial exchange program?

3) An Extraordinary Discovery. The Remains of an Icelandic Woman, Buried in 1051, with Trinkets, Roman Coins, etc., Exhumed Below the Great Falls of the Potamac_A Remarkable Runic Inscription—America Discovered by the Irish……..The Chicago Tribune, July 16, 1867

Clearly, everyone discovered America! The Africans (Olmecs) the East Asians, the Irish, the Chinese and of course the Vikings have all been said to have discovered America before Columbus in 1492. All those candidates ignore the fact that apparently when America was discovered–there were people here already!

Still, there appear to be enough proofs that this Christian woman lived on the continent 1,000 years ago to make one wonder why her story didn’t appear in any history books?

“From the article;

Permit me through your columns to publish the details of the discovery near the city of Washington, of the remains of an Icelandic Christian woman , who died in the year 1051, and of the inscription in the Runic characters which mark her grave, the announcement of which has already sped by telegraph through the New World to the Old—to publish a fact which materially affects the history of the discovery of America by Europeans, by adding one more proof to the many now generally received by historians, of the extraordinary voyages of the adventurous Northmen, without compass or quadrant, to the eastern coast of this continent, five centuries before the landing of Columbus…..”

The author recounts many other proofs of Icelandic/Northmen incursions into America and gives the location of the gravestone in extraordinary detail. He translates the inscription, which he has named ‘the white shirt inscription” as follows;

“Here rests Syasy, (or Suasu) the fair-haired, a person from the east of Iceland, the widow of Kjoldr, and sister of Thorgy, children of the same father…..twenty-five years of age. May God make glad her soul. 1051”

The author Thomas Raffinnson, of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquities then goes into great detail concerning the inscriptions themselves and about the human remains, trinkets and Roman coins found at that site.

He indicates at the article’s end that the reamins and trinkets along with detailed drawings of the inscription had been forwarded to the Smithsonian……

4)Giant Ancient Miners? Relics of Ancient Miners

Bruce Herald, May 16, 1902 Archaeologists were “much interested” in some old tools found at an abandoned, ancient coal mine near Edinburgh. During operations by the Weymess Coal Company and old unused pit was discovered that held among other items some ancient tools.

The discoverers were amazed at the size of some huge blocks of coal that had been cut out with a pick and wondered how the ancient miners had been able to cut blocks so large. Some of the tools found were made of wood.

The huge blocks had been cut out with picks—the handles of which were as large in thickness and in length as the props used at that time to prop up the roof as they went in current mining operations.

Who were these giant miners? One giant man might be a “freak of nature” but apparently due to the size of the cut blocks of coal and the incredible size of certain tools such as the pick axe, it was apparently a common size of the miner of that era and location..

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