Forbidden History: Dinosaurs and the Bible One Hour Video

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Jeff J. emailed and let me know that the video he and others had been working on; Forbidden History; Dinosaurs and the Bible had been completed and was available on the internet. Thus far I’ve only screened Part 1 (Top left) but it seems to be very well edited and presented. If the video (Part 1) doesn’t play in the window, Click Here or Here.

From Jeff:

“The video is called Forbidden History: Dinosaurs and the Bible. It is 1 hour long (7 shorter Videos). We are giving the video away with our ministry and have posted it on you tube. You can also watch the video at We hope that the video will be used as a tool to educated people and also evangelize the lost.

Forbidden History: Dinosaurs and the Bible takes you on a journey to discover the evidence that dinosaurs and man have always existed together. You will be shown historical and physical evidence that man and dinosaurs have always existed together.

You will also see evidence that there may even be a few very rare living dinosaurs alive today. You will also learn of the over 30 references to dinosaurs in the historical record of the Bible.

Visit for more detailed information on the subject as well.” Jeff J.

From the Video: the quote not the graphic
Photo: Therizinosaur. One of the many types of three-clawed dinosaurs that could be one that explorer Marco Polo could have seen and described.

“Here are found snakes and huge serpents, ten paces in length and ten spans in girth [that is, 50 feet long and 100 inches in girth]. At the fore part, near the head, they have two short legs, each with three claws, as well as eyes larger than a loaf and very glaring.

The jaws are wide enough to swallow a man, the teeth are large and sharp, and their whole appearance is so formidable that neither man, nor any kind of animal can approach them without terror. Others are of smaller size, being eight, six, or five paces long.” Marco Polo

Go to Website or double click on the video to find the other six videos in the series.

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