From Soup to; “Nuts?!” New Research Rejects 80-Year Theory of ‘Primordial Soup’ as the Origin of Life

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ShareIn the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1 Photo: This Primordial Soup is no longer “just right”! ScienceDaily (Feb. 3, 2010) — “For 80 years it has been accepted that early life began in a ‘primordial soup’ of organic molecules before evolving out of the oceans millions of years later. Today […]

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Some “Non-Avian Feathered Dinosaurs” May Have Been Birds

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ShareDid you follow that? Some “non-bird” feathered dinosaurs may have been birds? Science writer Jennifer Viegas in Discovery News summarizes a research paper which had been published in February 2009 Medical Hypotheses. What is a non-avian dinosaur? Or more to the point, why are certain of God’s creatures known broadly as non-avian dinosaurs? After all, […]

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How Science Works: Are There Actual Facts in This “Science” Article? Probably, Possibly, Maybe, Could Be it is Believed

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ShareIn the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. Gen 1:1 Following is a science article written to inform and to enlighten. It summarizes “new suppositions” presented at a recent American Astronomical Society function. We were struck by how few “facts” are in the article versus conjecture. It is often said that the Bible […]

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Criminal Minds:Tracking the Evolution Unsub Using Spotty Evidence

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ShareDid you know that all FBI agents are called “Special Agents”? I wanted to be a Special Agent back in the days of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.’s FBI, (when I was a kid), but I thought that being “Special” would mean that I was in charge of the unit. In the last couple of months I […]

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Archaeopteryx Was Not Very Bird-like: Inside The First Bird, Surprising Signs Of A Dinosaur

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Share An important part of the evolutionary mythology is that dinosaurs evolved into birds. There seems to be nothing that will convince these believers that the theory is “bird-brained” and that there is no supporting evidence for it. Storrs Olson, Curator of Birds at the Smithsonian noted that a cadre of “zealots” were trying to […]

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Free On Line E-Book:Tracking the Sauropod Dinosaur Through the Art of Ancient Peoples; Part 2-This Time it’s About the Science

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Share Tracking the Sauropod Dinosaur Through the Art of Ancient Peoples; Part 2-This Time It's About the Science Publish at Calaméo or browse others. Cave Art Sites in Europe: “Pergouset is an extreme case, for there one also sees an amoeba-like creature with a vaguely human outline, a hind with an exceptionally long neck, and […]

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Is the Opposite of There is a God, There Probably Isn’t a God?: Atheist Bus Ads ‘Pathetic:’ Philosopher Says

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ShareAtheists or Humanists have begun a Canada wide “bus slogan” campaign which touts the idea that there “probably” is no God. The bus slogan campaign first began in Great Britain and has now moved to Canada. I had no idea that Atheists were so equivocal on this topic. But if you can’t state categorically that […]

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New Fossil Primate Suggests Common Asian Ancestor, Challenges Primates Such As ‘Ida’

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Share Photo: Google takes sides. After the orchestrated hype for the fossil “IDA”, including coordinated media announcements, scientific publication of the main article, a media rich website, timed press conferences, History Channel hype and the release of the BBC film; “The Link”, even some evolutionists were underwhelmed and unconvinced. Here’s a quote from the blog […]

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‘Junk’ DNA Has Important Role, Researchers Find

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SharePhoto: Even with my new barely noticeable LoudbeClear I can’t Pick Up a Peep from Dawkins on “Junk DNA” Anymore! :0) Sure, famous Atheist Richard Dawkins isn’t the only one who made sensational statements about God and “Junk DNA”, which with the passage of time look a bit foolish and/or premature–and sure we’ve mentioned them […]

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Octopus Fossils, Allegedly 95 Million Years Old? Who Gets the Surprise-Evolutionists or Bible Believers?

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Share Whenever one hears about ants or bees or spiders or wasps etc. being found in amber, which are supposedly millions of years old, take note; they are clearly recognizable as; ants, bees, spiders or wasps, no matter how old science claims that they are. Each of these discoveries are brought to the public in […]

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