The Last Vestige of the Mythical Vestigial Organ Claim?

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SharePsalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well These authors are careful to say that they are not disparaging Darwin as they disassemble several Darwinist cornerstones. Remember how Darwinists used to try to hammer believers with that whole vestigial organ take? The […]

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The Evolving, Non-Evolving, Evolution Problem

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Share Photo:Fossil squid and living squid. Which is which? Does it really matter? Did you follow that title? Item; there’s an interesting thing about ants, bees, spiders and other insects caught in amber supposedly millions of years ago, discovered, collected and studied today. The problem is; they are ants, bees, spiders and other insects! No […]

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How Much is That T-Rex in the Window?

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Share Click photo to zoom: Photo: Right; Hagen Renaker Miniature Ceramic Tyrannosaurus Figurine: $9.00 Left; Pre-Columbian T-rex (not what they call it) from the La Paz, Bolivia, National Archaeological Museum, proving for the One Millionth time* that man and dinosaur coexisted; PRICELESS ! *As to specifically; “one millionth” is an exaggeration. Hagen Renaker Miniature […]

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Is the Opposite of There is a God, There Probably Isn’t a God?: Atheist Bus Ads ‘Pathetic:’ Philosopher Says

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ShareAtheists or Humanists have begun a Canada wide “bus slogan” campaign which touts the idea that there “probably” is no God. The bus slogan campaign first began in Great Britain and has now moved to Canada. I had no idea that Atheists were so equivocal on this topic. But if you can’t state categorically that […]

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Inca Empire Flourished in the Andes Due to a 400 Year Period of Global Warming?

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ShareOpportunity knocks, again, in the Andes by Nicholas Asheshov Living in Peru Photo: The Moray Amphitheater Complex in the Andes Could Seat 260,000; but that’s a Whole Other Story The last time global warming came to the Andes it produced the Inca Empire. A team of English and U.S. scientists has analyzed pollen, seeds and […]

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New Fossil Primate Suggests Common Asian Ancestor, Challenges Primates Such As ‘Ida’

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Share Photo: Google takes sides. After the orchestrated hype for the fossil “IDA”, including coordinated media announcements, scientific publication of the main article, a media rich website, timed press conferences, History Channel hype and the release of the BBC film; “The Link”, even some evolutionists were underwhelmed and unconvinced. Here’s a quote from the blog […]

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E-mails indicate EPA Suppressed Report Skeptical of Global Warming

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“But the EPA is supposed to reach its findings based on evidence, not on political goals. The repression of this important study casts doubts on the EPA’s finding, and frankly, on other analysis the EPA has conducted on climate issues.”

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Discovery Raises New Doubts About Dinosaur-bird Links

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Share What is science going to do with all those graphics of feathered dinosaurs? What about those expensive, “bird-brained” museum displays showing the “evolution” of dinosaurs into birds? This article hints at the answer; certain fundamentalist evolutionists don’t want any facts because they’ve already made up their minds. These authors descibe the problem as “political” […]

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Far-flung dinosaur? Similar tracks cue study
Paleontologists can’t find differences between tracks continents apart

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Share Dinosaurs were supposed to have evolved. When a new feature evolves, it would be necessary for all the dinosaurs without the feature to die off–or for dinosaur and progeny with the new feature to become geographically isolated from the “parent” group–or else the new feature would simply become absorbed and dissipated within the population. […]

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‘Junk’ DNA Has Important Role, Researchers Find

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SharePhoto: Even with my new barely noticeable LoudbeClear I can’t Pick Up a Peep from Dawkins on “Junk DNA” Anymore! :0) Sure, famous Atheist Richard Dawkins isn’t the only one who made sensational statements about God and “Junk DNA”, which with the passage of time look a bit foolish and/or premature–and sure we’ve mentioned them […]

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