Top Eleven Mysterious Mysteries of the Pre-Columbian Americas That We Decided to Cram Into One Article

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Share In this brief article we cover a number of our favorite mysteries from the pre-Columbian Americas. It’s not really a top eleven. We had various bits of info or pictures lying around that we decided to put out there. Some of them have been covered previously within these pages and some of them are […]

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1924 Pterosaur Footage Taken on Papua New Guinea?

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Share  From David Woetzel, Posted on YouTube: Aug 11, 2007 “Flying creature from 1924 museum expedition film. Not yet enhanced. New evidence from right under our noses? Why was this film hidden away? Is it because of an atheist conspiracy to suppress the truth about the glory of God’s creation? It is really exciting that […]

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Anecdotal Evidence for the Continued Existence of Bi-pedal Dinosaurs

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ShareIt’s certainly possible that some of the creatures carried aboard the ark which are now called dinosaurs still exist. If so, it should be easier to believe that their species survived the global flood—than the 40 million years science claims for their extinction. One recurrent description of bi-pedal dinosaur-like creatures is that they resemble kangaroos […]

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Dogon Dinosaur Update

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Share UPDATE When we discovered this artifact online, it had already been purchased by our friend Vance Nelson at He currently has it in his possession and this new photo is Copyright CreationTruthMinistries. Looking at the piece again we were struck by how detailed it actually is; the “skin” of the “dinosaur” could also […]

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The First American: The Suppressed Story of the People Who Discovered the New World

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Share By Christopher Hardaker    In the Movie, Planet of the Apes, Cornelius discovers a talking human baby doll. Cornelius (chimpanzee scientist) knows this talking human doll is going to set “science” on its ear. Unfortunately for him, he is very naive about how science works. Dr. Zaius, head of the Ministry of Science simply “disappears” […]

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Giant Flying Creatures From Las Cruces to San Antonio

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ShareNumerous witnessess have reported seeing giant flying creatures with wingspans as wide as 20 to 30 feet. Witnesses were intimidated by the size of the creatures. Descriptions include pterosaur; pteranodon and prehistoric. On the other hand, some of the same witnessess reported copious feathers. Experts suspect exaggeration or perhaps a sighting of teratorn a huge raptor […]

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Anasazi Prayer Stick Pteranodon?

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Share  At the Manitou Cliff Dwellers Museum in Manitou Springs, Colorado, exists an Anasazi artifact on display that has raised more questions than anything else ever discovered in the area. The word “Anasazi” (ah-nuh-SAH-zee) is used to describe a distinctive American Indian civilization and culture that existed from about 1200 B.C. to A.D. 1300 in […]

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Video: China: Unidentified Sea Creature Found After Typhoon

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SharePreviously reported on this sighting. Now, here’s the video: Early on the morning of July 23, a fisherman from Ningbo City in east China’s Zhejiang Province was shocked by the sight of a huge creature lying dead beside the seawall near his home. Liu, who lives in Yangshashan of Chunxiao Town in Beilun District […]

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Monsters” Emerge Again in Kanas Lake-Addendum

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ShareJane Macartney  Times Online Previous article and Video on this topic A rare video filmed by a tourist at the lake in the Heavenly Mountains of the wild Xinjiang region, has reignited debate over the existence of an underwater creature that can compete with the Loch Ness monster in both mass and mystery. The […]

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Monsters” Emerge Again in Kanas Lake

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Share July 13, 2007, Peoples Daily  Elusive mystical creatures emerged again in Kanas Lake of China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. According to the administration of the Kanas scenic spot, on July 5th at 8:20pm, huge ripples were seen on the surface of the lake by a few tourists carrying their portable video cameras. The 8-minute video […]

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