Film Crew Documents Tuscola Chief’s 1977 Big Bird Story

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Share FINDLAY, Illinois — The large “Thunderbirds” return every 27 years to steal away the children of the Cherokee people, according to legend. On Sunday, Chief John “A.J.” Huffer returned to the lake where he claimed to have filmed two such Thunderbirds almost 27 years ago. Were they really the monstrous predators of Cherokee lore, […]

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WTC Area Pterodactyl?

Posted on Oct 8, 2005 in Cryptids | 2 comments

ShareSteve Moran takes a photo near WTC and finds a very large flying creature has been ph0tographed? It appears that we can fit about eight of the darker object alongside to equal the width of the North Tower (about 250 feet). If the 8:1 ratio of a 250 foot wide building is correct that means […]

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Sounds of Champ

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ShareIn our story of last year about Champ, we had a link to the sounds that researchers believe may have been generated by the animal. That link had changed and so has been corrected on the page. If you want to read the story, Click Here If you want to hear how Champ may sound […]

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The” Hessa Serpent” Sighting

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ShareArnt Helge Molvaer had gone for a walk along the fjord. Then he saw a strange creature coming from the left, swimming 200 meters off and parallell to the shore line. He described it like this: it was 75 to 95 feet long and 4.5 feet across, and tapering towards both ends. ….Carrion eating: After […]

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First Pictures of Live Giant Squid in its Natural Habitat: Water?

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ShareNewsScientist News Service: The first ever pictures of a live giant squid in its natural environment have been snapped in deep water off Japan. Working with a cheap camera and a fishing boat, the two Japanese researchers have succeeded where millions of dollars and international film crews have failed. “This is very exciting. These pictures […]

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Ancient Mayan Pterosaur?

Posted on Sep 23, 2005 in Cryptids | 4 comments

Share From the placard describing this object: This object is a Mayan incised lidded bowl, Early “Classic Period”, with ring foot, cylindrical sides, surmounted on the top by a conical-shaped lid with “avial” head as handle. Here at, we immediately saw the object as something a little more special than just a “bird”. We […]

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Toxodon Depicted on Pre-Columbian,Lambayeque (Peruvian) Whistling Bottle?

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ShareThis whisting bottle is a fine example of the kind of craftsmanship pre-Columbian cultures were able to produce. This double chambered vessel produced musical sounds when someone blew into it. This object is thought to have been produced in Peru between 100 and 300 A.D. The question is; isn’t that a Taxodon very realistically depicted […]

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Nessie hunters on verge of major breakthrough

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Share NorthTonight: Scotland 16/09/2005 14:41 Or not. Scientists hunting the Loch Ness Monster say they’ve made a significant breakthrough. Flesh-like material, which could hold the key to Nessie’s origins, has been recovered from the loch bed. It’ll now be subject to DNA testing here and in the United States. Veteran Nessie-hunter Dr Bob Rines is […]

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No, We’re Not Buying It

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Share Source: Ebay Auction EBay: Description (revised) “Another recently acquired artifact proving that unknown creatures still exist ! This is the head of a yet to be classified sea creature. Is this the missing evolutionary link between man and fish ? The skin of this head is some type of fish skin with scales. Strange […]

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Even More Pterodactyl Stories

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Share The creature itself was approximately 70′ away. He describes it as being between 5′ 1/2 to 6′ tall. It had large eyes that did not glow or produce any color a large head and no visible neck. He describes it as having wings that were either folded or attached to or part of the […]

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