Amazingly Accurate, True Life, Toy Pteranodon?

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Share Click Photo for Larger version On the right is the “new Soft-Touch Giant Pteranodon” by Everything Dinosaur. It is reportedly, “very easy to carry around” and is “soft and squeezy”. On the left is an apparent pteranodon depiction made by eyewitnesses. At least we assume that the makers of this mask topped by the […]

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How Much is That T-Rex in the Window?

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Share Click photo to zoom: Photo: Right; Hagen Renaker Miniature Ceramic Tyrannosaurus Figurine: $9.00 Left; Pre-Columbian T-rex (not what they call it) from the La Paz, Bolivia, National Archaeological Museum, proving for the One Millionth time* that man and dinosaur coexisted; PRICELESS ! *As to specifically; “one millionth” is an exaggeration. Hagen Renaker Miniature […]

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Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 16, by Jonathan Whitcomb

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ShareAugust 1, 2009 Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 16 By Jonathan Whitcomb To living-pterosaur investigators and to those interested in live “pterodactyls” CONTENTS “Live Pterosaurs in America” now on sale (The non-fiction book is on Press Release: Three reasons American pterosaur sightings are not from hoaxes “Live Pterosaurs in America” nonfiction book At last! For a […]

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Free On Line E-Book:Tracking the Sauropod Dinosaur Through the Art of Ancient Peoples; Part 2-This Time it’s About the Science

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Share Tracking the Sauropod Dinosaur Through the Art of Ancient Peoples; Part 2-This Time It's About the Science Publish at Calaméo or browse others. Cave Art Sites in Europe: “Pergouset is an extreme case, for there one also sees an amoeba-like creature with a vaguely human outline, a hind with an exceptionally long neck, and […]

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EBook-Let Tracking the Sauropod Dinosaur Through the Art of Ancient Peoples

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Share Tracking the Sauropod Dinosaur Through the Art of Ancient Peoples Publish at Calaméo or browse others. If what science tells us about man and dinosaur is correct, and they missed each other by millions of years, how and why did ancient man create images of the easily recognizable sauropod dinosaur, (among others,) often complete […]

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Image Processing of Current Sightings of Chemiluminescent Pterosaur and Ropens Observed in Stephensville,Texas; Guadalajara and Mexico City, Mexico; Papua New Guinea, and San Francisco, California.

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ShareOur friend Clifford Paiva of BSM Research Associates recently appeared (2009) on an episode of Monster Quest; Flying Monsters. Mr. Paiva appeared on camera to discuss his analysis of unidentified lights thought by some to be evidence of chemiluminescence in giant flying creatures known as Ropens or pterosaurs. Chemoluminescence is the emission of light with […]

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Update: Online E-Book: Tracking the Ancient Griffin, Modern Monsters and the “Extinct” Pterosaur Through Art, History and Science

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Share Graphic: Uccello’s Saint George and Princess and the Dragon. Wikipedia The first draft of this “e-book” was posted online with about 33 pages. The latest update has 40, so new material has been added. I sent the book around before publication so that the very worst and most obvious errors in logic and grammar […]

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New Footage of Lake Champlain Sea Monster? Burlington Man Claims to Have Caught ‘Creature’ on Video

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Sharehttpv:// Thursday, June 4, 2009 Stabilized Cell Phone Video No Video? Try Clicking Here BURLINGTON, Vt. — A cellphone video of a “creature” that appears to be swimming in Lake Champlain is causing a stir in the North Country. According to the Burlington Free Press newspaper, Burlington resident Eric Olsen, 37, shot video with […]

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Scotland: Nessie pops up to say “Hello”

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Share Helen Paterson The Inverness Courier Wed, 27 May 2009 Photo:The sonar image taken from the Jacobite Queen (Click to Enlarge) The cast of the UK stage adaptation of sitcom Allo ‘Allo got slightly more than they bargained for while cruising Loch Ness – catching a glimpse of what could be the elusive Loch Ness […]

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“Lost World” of Dinosaurs Survived Mass Extinction?

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Share Is science catching up? Our section on Dinosaurs in Ancient Art, History and Literature confirms that dinosaurs lived through the “mass extinction” (flood) and much longer. Photo: (click Photo for larger size) Left to right: 1)Ancient warriors from Sumatra ride the back of a parasaurolophus. Art of the Ancient Peoples—Toba Batak, Sumatra By Tibor […]

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