“Lost World” of Dinosaurs Survived Mass Extinction?

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Share Is science catching up? Our section on Dinosaurs in Ancient Art, History and Literature confirms that dinosaurs lived through the “mass extinction” (flood) and much longer. Photo: (click Photo for larger size) Left to right: 1)Ancient warriors from Sumatra ride the back of a parasaurolophus. Art of the Ancient Peoples—Toba Batak, Sumatra By Tibor […]

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Florida Sea Monster Controversy?

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Sharehttpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5auXcvx6bo Video by Shiv From: Shiv: “I strongly suspect that a mosasaur was caught on video. I also point out how Monsterquest and/or the camera man were misleading the audience away from the mosasaur moment. This moment didn’t appear on the monsterquest episode. They only showed the parts which appeared to show manatees and some […]

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Mystery of the Pterosaur Figurine in the 1983 Period Movie; “The Scarlet and the Black”

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ShareVideo captures by J Pratt. This scene occurs at about the 1 hr 52 minute mark of the Italian television film “The Scarlet and the Black” featuring (among other notable actors) Christopher Plummer as the commander of the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation of Rome in World War II (after the fall of Mussolini). I […]

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Giant Humans, Dinosaurs and Ancient Civilizations of Spain

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Share by Jorge Gasco de El Oráculo de Occidente Source: And Spanish Version of this Article Here I want to thank my friend Jorge Gasco of El Oraculo de Occidente,for sending me the link to and for giving me permission to publish a version of his article concerning the topics listed in the title. While […]

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Is The Channel Creature The Loch Ness Monster?–Hoax;see Comment

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Sharehttpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIM_kLNm8Zw Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com Fifty years ago sightings of the Loch Ness Monster or ‘Nessie’ were common and few Scottish locals doubted the presence of an exotic water creature in their locale which might have been the last living member an isolated relic Plesiosaur population. Sightings of Nessie have decreased over the last few years […]

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Four Out of Five Skeptics Agree; This Artifact is Not a Pre Columbian T-Rex; Who to Believe, Science or Your Own Lying Eyes?

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Share As for the sceptics out there, many of them wouldn”t admit that there was evidence that man and dinosaur co-existed even if one of those dinosaurs bit them in the ……… Here at s8int.com, we’ve put up over 80 pages in our Dinosaurs in Literature, History and Art Section to prove that quite clearly, […]

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Human Footprint Overlaid by Dinosaur Print Authenticated; Video

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Sharehttpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUQeN7INIc8 We previously blogged about the discovery of a human print which had been stepped upon by a dinosaur leaving a record in stone of both prints. “In early July, 2000 Alvis Delk, assisted by James Bishop (both of Stephenville, Texas), was working in the Cretaceous limestone on the McFall property at the Paluxy River […]

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Dinosaurs in the Temple; The Angkor Wat Stegosaur; the Bi-Pedal Dinosaur and Giant Creature at Umm El-Kanatir and Others

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Share by Chris Parker Copyright s8int.com 2009 Photo: Umm El-Kanatir art from 400 to 700 A.D. In wonder we were viewing our Cambodian Stegosaur When some guy with a monocle burst through the back door He took out a pen with indelible ink Said if anyone moves your precious stego’s extinct We advanced on him […]

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Late Survival of Megatherium in South America-Olmec Culture Representation

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ShareOfficial scientific sources say that Megatherium became extinct between 10,000 and 2,000,000 years ago. Writing in Science Frontiers Online, William Corliss informs about several eyewitness accounts of late surviving megatheriums-reported by hunters and miners. Those who speculate that the Giant South American Sloth survived until very late and may survive even until today are supported […]

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Living “Pre-Historic” Creatures Reported in Papua New Guinea; Monckton’s “Gazeka” Positively Identified, Theropod Dinosaur Verified– by Native Art?

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Shareby Chris Parker, Copyright 2009 s8int.com Photo:Similar to Modern Sighting Papua New Guinea is a huge Island north of Australia, the home itself of some fairly unusual fauna. Brian Irwin is an Australian who recently visited Papua New Guinea where he met a number of residents of small islands of West New Britain, who had […]

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