Shang Dynasty, Jade Piece is a Lambeosaurine Dinosaur?

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ShareThis objet d’art is posted for sale on the internet. The text at the bottom of this post is a verbatim quote from the site. It is the opinion of the sellers of this ancient Shang Dynasty object that it is a representation of a dinosaur. There suggestion was tyrannosaur but we think that it […]

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That Dog Won’t Hunt! -Dog in Turtle Shell Appears to be a Glyptodont

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ShareThe guys at Barakat gallery aren’t scientists any more than we are, but; a dog in a turtle shell!? It appears instead to be one of the varieties of the glyptodonts, who were inhabitants of South America, supposed to have gone extinct between 15,000 and 2,000,000 years ago. We are certain that this is an […]

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Ancient Persian, Bambara and Pakistanian Sauropod Depictions? Ancient Hadrosaur, Pterodactyl Depictions? Did Glyptodonts Really Become Extinct 15,000 Years Ago?

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Shareby Chris Parker Copyright 2009 Photo:Persian bracelet, approximately 500 B.C. Dear friends, distinquished guests, creditors; can we take a moment to review? The term dinosaur does not appear in the Bible. That word wasn’t coined until 1842 and means; “fearfully great lizard”. Dragons are mentioned in the Bible however, and it appears to us […]

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Picture of 100ft-long Snake Sparks Fears of Mythical Monster in Borneo

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Share By Richard Shears Daily Mail Online Photo:Borneo’s Nessie: The image that sparked fears a giant serpent was stalking the river Baleh According to legend, the Nabau was a terrifying snake more than 100ft in length and with a dragon’s head and seven nostrils. But now local villagers living along the Baleh river in Borneo […]

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Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 013

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ShareFebruary 06, 2009 By Jonathan Whitcomb Photo: Ancient Nigerian Art To living-pterosaur investigators and to those interested ***************** CONTENTS Introduction to Living-Pterosaur Expeditions Florida Sighting Around 2002 Philippines Sighting Around 1994 New Insights Into Early History of LP Investigations New Web Sites (including non-English pages) ******************* Introduction to Living Pterosaur Expeditions Living-pterosaur investigations began around […]

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Weird Object Over Wichita

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ShareWill these cryptid photos drive me to a distraction? Hold my legs! I’m having a knee-jerk “creationist” reaction! I get itchy and I shake when I have to decide If I’m going to believe “Science” – or my own lying eyes? No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat- it’s my 20-20 vision But now, […]

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Is This Nahuelito? Seamonster Sighting.

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ShareOriginal Source in Spanish translation using:AltaVista Bablefish; Prompt Online and Six years of grade school Spanish Is this “ The Nahuelito ”? A man sent this photograph to a newspaper in Bariloche and sowed again some doubt about the real existence of this “mythical” animal. This time, the image was captured on Lake Mascardi. […]

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A Brief Review of a Selection of Incredible, Lost, Forgotten or Ignored News from Our Recent Past,……Part III

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ShareBy Chris Parker Copyright 2008 and Chris Parker Part I of this Article Part II of this Article Graphic:Augmented Ica Stone from Ancient Peru showing altercation between man and dinosaur. Click for more info Story 1 Another What is it? Man Eaten by Dinosaur? 11/2/1877 Galveston News From the Carthage (Mo.) Patriot. Evolutionists often […]

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True and Wonderful: A Discourse Relating a Strange and Monstrous Serpent (or Dragon) Lately Discovered, and Yet Living, to the Great Annoyance and Divers Slaughters both of Men and Cattell

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ShareTRUE AND WONDERFULL A Discourse relating A STRANGE AND MONSTROUS SERPENT, OR DRAGON, Lately Discoyered and yet living to the great Annoyance and divers Slaugh ters both Men and Cattell, by his strong and violent Poyson. In Sussex, two Miles from Horsam, in a Woode called St. Leonards Forrest, and thirtie Miles from London, this […]

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Three Examples of Pterosaur Survival Into Ancient Times?

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ShareCopyright 2008 by Chris Parker and Photo/Graphic: Institute of Texan Cultures What if pterosaurs did survive into the “age of man”? Do you suppose that they would inspire accounts of “dragons” in ancient cultures the world over down through time? Curiously, there are accounts of winged, reptilian dragons in virtually every culture down through […]

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