Pterosaur Photographed at Macachin Airport?

Posted on Dec 13, 2008 in Cryptids | 10 comments

ShareThe CEUFO (Center for Studies UFO) of Argentina received an email from a photographer (Fabián Romano) that claimed to have captured a strange being on his camera while taking some shots around the Macachín airport. The image submitted to CEUFO is said to have been taken in midday with a Minolta digital camera. Using a […]

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Ancient Costa Ricans Faced Winged Terror from Above; and Things Weren’t Always So Sanguine on the Ground Either-Stone Metates of Central America

Posted on Dec 8, 2008 in Cryptids | no responses

Shareby Chris Parker Copyright 2008 Figure 1 shows detail from an ancient stone metate from Costa Rica. Two bird-like creatures attack men by the head on either side of this stone table. Based on the art they left behind, the Ancient Costa Ricans worried a bit about terror from the skies and for that […]

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Roman Era Lamp Found In England; Bird or Diplodocus?

Posted on Dec 2, 2008 in Dinosaurs in Literature | 2 comments

ShareAnimation:Views of diplodocus and Roman era lamp. From; Victoria County History of Kent Vol. 3 1932 – Romano-British Kent – Country Houses -. This bronze, Roman era lamp is from the time period of first century through the fifth century A.D. There are no doubt some who would assume that this is a depiction of […]

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Meanwhile, While We’re About it, More Dinosaur/Human Interacting in France?

Posted on Nov 16, 2008 in Dinosaurs in Literature | no responses

Share Source: Dave Woetzel; Taking the opportunity available we now move to another part of France and a different time. This perhaps has little to do with the monuments of Ancient Finistere, but it does have to do with evidence that man and dinosaur interacted with each other in the near and distant past. […]

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Authenticated Poinsett County Arkansas Corythosaurus/Hypacrosaurus from 400 to 700 Years Ago?

Posted on Nov 11, 2008 in Cryptids | 5 comments

Shareby Chris Parker Copyright 2008 Suppose that you are an antiquities dealer, specializing in Early American and Native American artifacts such as arrowheads, bowls, flint knives clay effigies etc.. You make a nice living. Now, suppose that you obtain an artifact (a bowl) that has affixed to it the head of a known dinosaur […]

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Dead Pterosaur Photo Compared to Rhamphorhynchoidea

Posted on Oct 26, 2008 in Cryptids | 8 comments

ShareThis photo has been on the site for some time but we hadn’t posted our comparison with one of the long tailed Rhamphorhynchoidea pterosaurs similar to Rhamphorhynchus. This photo is allegedly from the 1950’s and was printed in Ripley’s Believe it Or not or similar magazine and shows a ranch hand holding up a long […]

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Ancient Civilizations in Brittany, France Interacted with “Dinosaurs” and Left the Monuments to Prove It

Posted on Oct 23, 2008 in Cryptids | 6 comments

Share by Anthony James Copyright 2008 Here at, we’re always curious to see which stories garner the most interest. Often times, the stories we think are going to shock the world, do not and others which we think might be of limited interest are the ones that literally thousands of people read. Above […]

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Creation Museum draws Big Crowds—Exhibit teaches life’s beginnings through literal interpretation of Bible

Posted on Oct 13, 2008 in Church of Darwin | no responses

ShareSource:MSNBC By Dylan T. Lovan Oct. 10, 2008 LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The museum exhibits are taken from the Old Testament, but the special effects are pure Hollywood: a state-of-the-art planetarium, animatronics and a massive model of Noah’s Ark, all intended to explain the origins of the universe from a biblical viewpoint. The Creation Museum, which […]

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Don’t Tell Him He’s Not a Chicken-We Need the Eggs—Antique Ivory Coast Pterodactyl?

Posted on Oct 13, 2008 in Church of Darwin | one comment

ShareScience tells us that dinosaurs became extinct more than 40 million years ago and that pterosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. They tell us that there was no great flood; that man and dinosaurs never interacted. On the other hand, virtually every culture on earth has within its history some version of the flood […]

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Interesting Antique Metal Piece from Mali

Posted on Oct 10, 2008 in Cryptids | no responses

ShareIn our photo above shows; top left, the antique Mali figure, and bottom right, a mesh drawing of a certain bi-pedal creature from the rear. We’ve made the case previously that if a piece is too “interesting”, it ends up in private collections, not in museums. And in that vein we’ve seen some interesting museum […]

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