Conspiracy of Science – The Earth is in Fact Growing

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This is interesting. This guy, Neal Adams has a theory that the Earth has been growing over time and that the theory of “continental drift” is bogus. This has no real implications Biblically, as the Bible does not address whether or not the continents have drifted apart -or whether the planet is in fact growing.

One thing that a growing planet would explain however, is why the planet’s gravity was so much less in the past than it is today.


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Prehistoric Giant Animals Killed By Man, Not Climate: Study

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ShareSYDNEY (AFP) — The chance discovery of the remains of a prehistoric giant kangaroo has cast doubts on the long-held view that climate change drove it and other mega-fauna to extinction, a new study reveals. The research, published this week in the US-based journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, argues that man likely […]

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A Giant Axe to Grind with the Archeological Museum of Herakleion

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Share by S8intcom, copyright 2008 So, let me axe you something? If you were a world famous and unique museum featuring ancient Minoan and Cretan artifacts, and in your collection had giant double headed axes of stupendous size—wouldn’t you include something in a photo of the artifacts for scale? Wouldn’t you provide the dimensions of […]

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Evidence Of Giants Who Walked The Earth

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ShareBy Ted Twietmeyer “There is an ancient copper mine near the coastal town of Llandudno in North Wales. This area rises 220 meters above the Irish Sea, and it is known as the location of the Great Orme Copper Mine. It dates to the Bronze Age, about 3500 years ago. More than 2500 hammers at […]

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Sensational Discovery at a Depth of 360 Feet In Coal Mine, Moberly Missouri, 1885

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ShareBy Terrence P., s8intcom 2008 Photo: This is not a photo of the Moberly giant femur, but one of that size (4.5 feet) reportedly found near Turkey.   According to Wikipedia, Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs engraved into stone or other durable materials, or cast in metal, the science of classifying them […]

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Man and Dinosaur In Mongolia.
More Proof That Dinosaurs and Men Co-Existed as Per Genesis

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Share  By Chris Parker,, Copyright April, 2008  Photo: Dr. Andrews of the American Museum of Natural History claimed to have found the Skull of a creature the size of the Woolworth Building. demo By the time Charles Darwin published his book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the […]

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Share  By Terrence P., s8intcom 2008 Item; according to several sources, including Wikipedia, the length of a mature person’s foot correlates to about 15% of his height. Another way to put this is that your foot size or footprint, multiplied by six should give a fairly accurate idea of your height, on average. Keep that […]

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In the Recent Past, Scientists Wondered if Giant Petrified Trees (and Other Giants) Proved that the Earth was Shrinking-Along with Gravity

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Share by Chris Parker, Copyright, s8intcom 2008    The Ancient Texas Rock Wall Don’t Mess with “Prehistoric” Texas? Prehistoric, Megalithic Construction in the Lone Star State Ancient “Tiled” Floor Declared Nature, Not Nurture The Problem of 200 lb. Eagles “Gliders and sailplanes have wings made for maximum lift and, hence, relatively lumbering flight. Fighter aircraft […]

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Share Author Jonathan Whitcomb, a lawyer by profession is out with the Second Edition of his very interesting and thought-provoking non-fiction book; ‘Searching for Ropens, Living Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea’.According to his own description of the book: “The book examines two controversial ideas: the truth about living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea and the […]

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Short Film Added to Giant Bird-Huffer Film Story

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SharePreviously, we had a story about giant birds seen by a number of witnesses in the Illinois area. A man named Huffer had reportedly filmed the birds while on a fishing trip. Here are 28 seconds of one of the allegedly giant birds as broadcast by Monster Quest.   Click Here to See Movie (bottom […]

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