7.5 Meter (24.6 feet)Giants in Ecuador? And the Giant Footprints of Tawara

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Share   In still another battle, which took place at Gath, there was a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot—twenty-four in all. He also was descended from Rapha. 2 Samuel 21:20   The Giant Bones from Ecuador  “The myths of all peoples tell of giants with superhuman […]

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“Terror Bird”

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Share Dog Swallower “Imagine an ostrich with larger, more powerful legs and neck, armed with massive claws,” said Herculano Alvarenga, a terror-bird expert at the Museu de História Natural in Sao Paolo, Brazil. “An ostrich, the largest living bird, can swallow an apple. But a phorusrhacid could swallow a medium-sized dog in one gulp,” Alvarenga […]

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New 1970’s Illinois Giant Bird Witness Steps Forward

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Share Oct 9, 2006 I spoke recently with a witness to an Illinois giant bird. She witnessed her spectacle though in 1973, rather than the more sighting-clustered year of 1977. “I am not crazy and I don’t go around seeing things!” insists Joni Grawe. The problem is that she did see something that to most people […]

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Historical News Articles Featuring Ancient Giants

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Share Giant Human Skeletons, 12 Feet Long, Are Found   (Special Cable Dispatch) The Washington Post June 22, 1925; Mexico City, June 21—-Giant human skeletons…measuring from 10 to 12 feet have been discovered by prospecting miners in a new gold and silver district in the mountains of the State of Chihuahua, according to members of […]

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A Tomb Containing a 10 Foot Giant Found, In Afghanistan?

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Share  According to an e-mail sent in by a U.S. Air Force officer, this is a photo of a staff sergeant carrying the turban of a giant.  The officer claims that this is a photo inside the tomb of a dead giant he observed in Afghanistan eight months ago who was flown to a secret […]

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Searching for signs of Lake Atna–And an Interesting Reply

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Share By Ned Rozell February 09, 2006 Thursday This summer, John Jangala will raft down the west fork of the Gulkana River. He’ll be looking for good campsites with a nice view, high enough to get away from bugs, but still close to the water. When he gets there, he’ll search for signs of people […]

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Giants of the Far North; Giantism or Acromegaly?

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SharePhoto: Egil Skallagrimson “We note that the discovery of “Giant” remains in around 1930 was written up in the scientific journals of the day with casual racism. We note with interest as well scientific attempts to explain why a “modern” man –and other reamins found in the same cemetary” were of such huge size and […]

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Man-sized Scorpion Tracks

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ShareGeoTimes Paleontology Geologist Martin Whyte of the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom was strolling along a rocky beach in Scotland, when he came upon a stretch of sandstone with some odd-looking indentations. As soon as he saw it, “I knew that [the indentations] had been made by an animal and that it was […]

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Giant Bird Sighted in Illinois

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ShareJust wanted to share this story. In around Sept 1984, I was driving North along the Illinois river, north of Peoria IL on Rt 29. I had been seeing a number of cars pulled over, with the folks all looking up in the sky. I finally got curious, and pulled over myself. When I did, […]

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Giant Skeleton of Mystery Animal Found– Feared Dead

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Share By: UNI July 12, 2005 Ahmedabad: Mystery shrouds the discovery of a giant-size skeleton of a yet to be identified animal, found partly buried on the bank of Pampa Sarovar near Subir village in Dangs district. The skeleton was exposed after the earth on the bank of the Sarovar was washed away in the […]

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