Giants Skeletons Found on Island

Posted on May 10, 2005 in Nephilim | no responses

ShareMy father is 90 yr.s old and has told me this story many times in my life. “When I was little my folks and friends would go camping and fishing on this small iland. One day this fellow dicided to dig into the mound that was the iland. There were giant people buried standing up […]

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Giant Bug Fossil Found

Posted on Apr 29, 2005 in Nephilim | no responses

ShareProof that conditions on earth differed markedly from todays gravity and oxygen content in the atmosphere.

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Cacausian Mummies In China & Giants

Posted on Apr 24, 2005 in Nephilim | no responses

ShareA followup to our article on the Caucasian mummies in China was recently published here A frequent visitor e-mailed us about problems she had printing our web pages. When we designed the site, our only nod to printing ease was to make sure the text and backgrounds wouldn’t wash each other out. She’s printing the […]

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