Model of Supposedly Extinct Dinohyus/Daeodon (Terrible Pig) from 40 A.D?

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Share In 1924 the grave of a King who died around 40 A.D. near Lexden in the U.K. was found along with various artifacts. Among them were two figurines which appeared to represent creatures which science claims both lived and died millions of years before man came on the scene. Maybe not so much… “The […]

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Not a Regulation Helmet!

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ShareEasy Rider, Mochica culture, Peru, approximately 700 to 800 A.D.. What’s he riding? Lusi Amano Museum    

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Ancient Bronze Sauropod Dinosaur from 500 B.C.? …Ancient Jade Extinct Dinosaur, 1500 B.C.?

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Share Reasonable minds can certainly disagree, but we see in this unknown animal depiction in bronze from hundreds of years before Christ, a sauropod dinosaur. Our guess would be big skulled sauros such as Mussaurus or possibly, Camarasaurus. As to the second ancient piece, in Jade the offeror is certainly of the opinion that the […]

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Nearly 300 Feet of Accumulated Moon Dust is Missing

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Share From Clifford Paiva, BSM Associates: Astro-Geophysics, Space Physics and Missile Defense Technologies These are the Barnes and Slusher Files as they relate to the interplanetary dust accumulation on the lunar surface. Nominal values for depth accumulation is 3-5 inches. This depth value should exceed 300 feet in the assumed 4.5-5.0 billion years of interplanetary […]

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Europe’s Largest Dinosaur Graveyard Found-8000 Fossils Found to Date

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ShareThe Boneyards: Dinosaur Graveyard May Unearth New Reasons for Their Extinction, Page 7 The Times November 29, 2007 Thomas Catin, Madrid   Spanish scientists have unearthed what could be Europe’s largest dinosaur boneyard, finding the remains of 65ft plant-eaters never before discovered on the continent. The palaeontologists believe they have found eight different species amid […]

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Israeli Says Elusive Biblical Wall Found

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Share By REGAN E. DOHERTY, Associated Press Writer   This photo made available by the Shalem Center shows pieces of pottery discovered in Jerusalem’s City of David. Artifacts including pottery shards and arrowheads found during an excavation to rescue a tower and a wall which were in danger of collapse suggest, according to Israeli archaeologists […]

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Update: More Eywitnesses To Giant Flying Creatures in San Antonio and New Mexico

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Share “If you were to take a man’s face and pull his chin down, just like a stretched face,” said Ramirez. ….”I know what I saw. It took me more than a week to step out of this house. I wouldn’t step foot out of this house,” said Ramirez. “It had this very, very horrible […]

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Dinosaur Human Interaction in the Early Twentieth Century
When Interacting’s Not All That!

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ShareStory 1:The Partridge Creek Monster PREHISTORIC BEAST SEEN Giant Saurian of Arctic Emerges Siberians Report Monster Believed to Live in Cherski Range Creature Once Hunted Over Alaska Now Exciting Russ Savants —Copyright, Los Angeles Times, December 4, 1927 Dec 3. (Exclusive) “And now, will you believe, in the name of our Lord, that I and […]

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Solving the Whole Crystal Skull “Mystery” Thing

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Share By s8intcom, Copyright 2007   One of the ancient mysteries I’ve recently been working on is; what’s the least watchable sport–soccer or bowling? You’re right, trick question. Bowling is not a sport. Speaking of objects with finger holes (bowling balls), I’ve also been looking into the ancient mysteries posed by the crystal skulls […]

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The Stones Cry Out–Update

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ShareIf you haven’t read the “”Evolution, The Stones Cry Out, Part 2 (Petrification)”, article, then please read it at your leisure. If you’ve already read it, please be advised that photos were added to it of the Chilean Petrified Miner Exhibited in 1901 (Found in 1899) to the Story concerning this find. thank you Click […]

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