The Fossil Giants of Castelnau

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ShareMr. M. G. de Lapouge had several problems that he needed to try to solve simultaneously back in 1890. Number one, he was a prominent scientist of his time, with a good reputation so why should he be publishing an article in a scientific journal concerning human giants–and of a “type”* evolutionists considered modern? *Here […]

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Maori Man-Eating Bird Legends Confirmed as True-But has Science Indicted the Wrong Suspect?

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Share Photo:Prow of Maori War Canoe, 1836. Auckland Museum. Click to enlarge photos in this post. The Haast’s eagle had a wingspan of up to three metres. but the Maori also carved many apparent images of a winged creature which has only been described within the last decade. Many examples of this mystery creature appear […]

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What creature through history and night has that quality of evanescence? What creature stalks the night with wings that glow by bioluminescence?

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Sharehttpv:// Click Here if Video Does not Play This event (first video) took place over Guadalajara, Mexico. The interest in this video and video of a prior event in 2004 is from the UFo front. They are indeed; unidientified flying objects. They appear to pulsate and in several instances seem to employ flapping wings. A […]

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Giant Stone-age Axes Found in African Lake Basin

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Share Photo: Giant stone axes. Click photo for larger version This story has been given the evolutionary “early man” spin, but what is not addressed; who was wielding these “giant” stone axes?…… Oxford University Tennis A giant African lake basin is providing information about possible migration routes and hunting practices of early humans in the […]

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UFO and/or Pterosaur Photographed in Nihuil Argentina Above Lake

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Share Photo:Unidentified Flying Object; Sept. 7, 2009. Click to enlarge. Versions of this story and a series of blurry, low reso photos appeared in various South American newpaper outlets. The following news story was translated from Diarios De Los Andes. A gentleman photographed and object that he noted was silent and that was hovering several […]

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Cosmic Chess: The Copernican Gambit?

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Share Psalm 96:5 For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens Prior to the Copernican Revolution which did not begin until 200 years after the publication of his book; On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres in 1543, science and the world generally adhered to the Ptolemaic model […]

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Thunderbird Tail Feathers? Horse Feathers!

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ShareQuestion. Are the experts searching under the lamp post simply because the light is better there? On the otherhand, you’d think that someone else would have mentioned seeing a bird that large. Is it possible that it is a bird much closer to the camera than it appears? I don’t know for sure what it […]

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Were Ancient Sea Monsters Actually Mythological or Did the Ancients Actually See Monsters? An E-Book-Let

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Shareby Chris Parker, Copyright 2009 Photo: This sea monster is actually an ancient bronze candelabra nicknamed “the sea monster”. Excerpt “Curiously, ancient dragon depictions closely match those of dinosaurs and pterosaurs which supposedly became extinct millions of years before man even “evolved”. Could the same be said for certain ancient “sea monster” depictions? Did ancient […]

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Thunderbird Over Pittsburgh PA?

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Share Photo credit: Anomalist/Cryptomundo 2009 This photo (this is a small section) was taken by a corporation president with his i-Phone back in 2007. He recently uploaded it to a website and it eventually ended up with Loren Coleman at According to the photographer, (whose name is known but unpublished) this photo was “taken […]

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Astrophysicists Puzzle Over Planet That’s Too Close To Its Sun–If the Universe is Old, It Should Have Burned Up!

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Share Photo: Altered from graphic by C. Carreau / ESA Item: The moon moves away from the earth about 1.5 inches a year. In 6,000 years, the moon would have moved only 750 feet. In a billion years, those 1.5 inches a year would move the moon out 23,674.24 miles. A moon moving away at […]

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