Quote of the Week

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Share Heard on ESPN Sportscenter after a piece on the upcoming Star Wars Movie, Epidode III, opening May 19th: Van-Pelt (right): “Those of you already camped outside a movie theatre waiting to see this movie, I want you to know that Stuart and I are praying for your souls!” Scott (left): “That’s right! You need […]

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Church Members Ousted Over Politics

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Share WAYNESVILLE, North Carolina (AP) — A pastor who led a charge to kick out nine church members who refused to support President Bush was the talk of the town Saturday in this mountain hamlet, with ousted congregants considering hiring a lawyer. Here at s8int.com, we recognize that of the many shameful things here the […]

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Ancient Tablet Echoes The Bible

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ShareIsraeli geologists said Monday they have examined a stone tablet detailing repair plans for the Jewish Temple of King Solomon that, if authenticated, would be a rare piece of physical evidence confirming biblical narrative. The find — whose origin is murky — is about the size of a legal pad, with a 15-line inscription in […]

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Father Goes to Jail After Objecting to Kindergarten Homosexual Curricula

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ShareLexington, Mass., father of 6-year-old arrested, spends night in jail over objections to homosexual curriculum in son’s kindergarten class. Had demanded that school inform him and allow child to opt-out; superintendent refused. Father brought to court Thursday in handcuffs, scolded by judge. Had been refused opportunity to call a lawyer, so did not have legal […]

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A Short Visit From CA. Supreme Court Justice Janice Brown

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Share CA. Supreme Court Justice & nominee to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C., Janice Brown & husband, Dewey, visited Parkway this morning. They slipped in quietly, without fanfare. No announcement was made. They simply worshipped with us. A very nice, quiet, dignified couple of Christians. She is the child of a […]

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Guestbook: Dana Wrote Re; Thots on God

Posted on Apr 27, 2005 in Religious | 4 comments

Share I am a scientist, & a Christian. …. people wonder how I can believe in God when I know the things that I do…. During ..confirmation classes, ….we came to this conclusion: …God told someone, verbatim, what to write down, or God told someone the jist of how things went, & creation is the […]

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Extra Biblical Literature

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